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  1. One of my favorite Pete Townshend performances: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ux27IUhqwzg Why no embedding?
  2. I like it. It's upbeat with exuberant guitars and a killer vocal from Daltrey.
  3. Destroying instruments with laughter, smiles and glee? I've been a Who fan for over twenty years, seen lots of classic footage of them destroying instruments, but never with laughter, smiles and glee. Always with intensity, sometimes with anger, often as the climax to My Generation. It's rock theater and it's thrilling. They bought those instruments and they can do whatever they like with them. Considering how much they've donated to charity, they can't be accused of selfishness.
  4. The Who's 2012/2013 Quadrophenia tour was even better than that one, even without John Entwistle. I didn't think that could be possible, since Quadrophenia is an Entwistle tour de force.
  5. Just Pete Townshend. He seems to save his best playing for the concert stage, though. Jimmy Page is better in the studio.
  6. Everything they've officially released except for the Celebration Day DVD and all versions of The Song Remains the Same.
  7. The Who did lots of great work post-Quadrophenia, including one of their greatest live performances: The Concert for New York City in 2001. That performance alone will always validate them continuing on after Moon.
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