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  1. The album In Through The Out Door is just amazing. Everything on it to me sounds just so good, as well as Carouselambra. I'm a professional drummer, and listening to Led Zeppelin's music whether live, or studio, it is so well done compared to anyone else in my opinion. They are my favourite group. About the song though Carouselambra, the sound of the powerful drums, keyboards, guitar, bass, Roberts voice, just fantastic, and the neat rythm changes throughout the song makes Carouselambra if not the most, one of the most technical songs in history. If only they got to play it live. It was create
  2. Led Zeppelin did make the correct decision to disband due to Bonzo dying, since the sound would not have been Led Zeppelin anymore, as well as him being so close to the members, they were pretty much family. I'm a Led Zeppelinist and a Musician and have to agree with the decision that Page had made in 1980. Led Zeppelin will always be my number 1! All their studio album are great, all live albums, Coda, and studio companion albums, and all performances never put on albums with no errors are superb, all songs! God Bless Them! Long Live Led Zeppelin!
  3. I am a professional Drummer, and Led Zeppelin is my major influence, they of course are my number 1, the spot no one can take!
  4. Im a professional John Bonham influenced drummer/percussionist, I have been playing for 12 years! I truly love drums and music and would not give it up for anything!
  5. Drummer and Guitarist living near Toronto, Ontario searching for Bassist/Keyboardist, and Singer for Led Zeppelin Cover Band. Phone: Mobile: 705-716-9126 Home: 705-719-1193
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