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  1. ok, I'm sorry, I kind of went off last night on a tangent...the fact that you've written so many songs combined with your collection gives you the #1 spot in my book anyways. I guess I'm not really fond of hard rock guitarists that don't write any of their own original material. So thanks for setting the record straight...and...after I wrote that last night, I DID friend request you! but did you cry when Bonham died....ha ha ha...just joking. p.s. I loved the holy reverence you had for 7/7/80 Berlin
  2. oh......I'm trying really hard not to write what I'm about to, but my fingers keep moving. first of all, I have the multiple copies of their records, most of the books going all the way back(remember the PEZ one by Ritchie York,) the bootleg video's, and records including the rare montreal one you mentioned, the photo's, I have an obelisk I got at the pyrmaids in mexico city, and well, I wouldn't spend money on a bass cause I play guitar. but granted all that, your collection is more impressive than mine, so you should win.....but should you? did you actually cry your eyes out the day bonham died, or the other times I cried about his death. what about all the countless zeppelin posters, at one point I had 17 posters in my room including the ceiling, but the real reason I wrote this is that it seems to me that the biggest zeppelin fan would have been inspired to write and play some music that is a modern day equivalent of what jimmy was doing back in the day, which I have most certainly done...you see the ultimate respect for zeppelin is doing your own thing, and not just sitting around playing zep tunes on the guitar. the ultimate inspiration of zeppelin is to carry on and bring new music into the world. My video would have not had any of my collection, but would have shown me playing in a musically posessed state of being with all my heart and soul...and that would have spoken louder than all the collection in the world....for the record, you seem like a really cool guy, and this is not a personal slam, but when you go around saying you are the world's biggest zeppelin fan cause you own a bunch of records and can play zep songs on the guitar, it really has nothing to do with how the music thus inspired your life to take it all to the next level. so with all due respect, I consider myself a much bigger zeppelin fan than you, and as Peter Grant would say, you couldn't even get in my starting line.
  3. oh, I was at the side of the stage for the 1986 boston garden firm show, and that song either closed the set, or was an encore, but at the end page would solo, then play the music, then do an even more climatic solo, then play the music and so on, he really built this epic ending, with each solo outdoing the next one....the only time I can think of when jimmy does this, would be the end of ten years gone from the 1977 tour, when he playing solo's then the riff and so on. hope to see jimmy on a solo tour this year.....
  4. yeah, that's what I was getting at....what do the drummers from the 1960's think?
  5. like I said in my other post....that the 02 show was suppose to be similar to the 1980 USA tour. the idea was to cut all the excess from the show, (which would include an acoustic set) and to just keep it as hard rockin' as possible. kind of like slam/slam/slam knock you over the head, leave you dazed and confused***
  6. Jason is 41 years old and had alot of energy and stamina to play the 02 show. What if Bonzo had put on alot of weight and was still smoking cigarettes. or was in shape and not smoking, but still 59 years old. would Jason be the 'better' drummer to play that show? ok, I'm ready to be banished forever for asking this question***
  7. I just read something where they referred to Jason as a kid back in the 80's, so the idea of continuing on with zeppelin at that point wasn't feasible in their eyes. Also, Plant made a recent comment where he said that Jason thought he was heir to the throne back in the 80's after the Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary gig.
  8. there is a great picture of Ronnie and Jimmy Page during the 70's.... it's a great picture....so he's ok in my book
  9. I highly advise plugging some good headphones into your computer and rock out!!!!!
  10. I think it was the others who posted here turned it into that.... but this is a zeppelin site, and Jimmy has always shown concern about what he was doing 'first' he mentions doing studio tricks, and the fuzz box, (that roger mayer developed for him) and all the other stuff he has brought up over the years, so in my eyes, I'm only trying to set the record straight. there is no animosity towards Eric because he has always attempted to play with alot of emotion, and as anyone who suffered the onslaught of 'technical' players in the 80's, playing with emotion is always better,,,,
  11. thank you!!!!! that was the whole point why I asked the simple question...was Eric there? I mean Jimmy is an old guy now, and he rarely plays in public, and since Jeff was there, I just figured for the love of music and its impact on England, that he might go. since I'm new to the forum, I find it interesting how my question evolved into a Jimmy/Eric War Of The Worlds but Jimmy was playing Bo diddley out in the clubs before Clapton was.... for the record, Clapton was in a band before the Yardbirds called the Roosters, but I assure you they weren't gigging in 1962, nor did they have a #1 record that year. 1962 is funny, cause Page was #1 on the charts, and that same year the Beatles and the Stones hit fame as well. Jimmy was there from the beginning of the British invasion, make no mistakes about it.
  12. I think we all agree about the reputation of John Paul Jones....according to an interview with Pete Townsend, he said that JPJ was the 'best' bass player in England.... so when John Paul Jones says he saw Jimmy Page in concert in 1962 playing the blues, and that he heard of Jimmy Page before Clapton or Beck, we should let him settle this part of the debate. Jimmy Page was out of the gate while Clapton was still at home learning blues licks from records. thank you John Paul Jones for settling this earlier part of the thread regarding people saying that Jimmy came after Clapton, that's just bull, infact Jimmy had a #1 hit song on the charts in England in 1962, the same time the Beatles started getting airplay. Clapton came much much later in 1965, so when he was going over to Jimmy's house, it was Jimmy Page that was a pop star at that point.
  13. I was thinking the same thing, but didn't write it....it's not like on the 7th day god created Robert Johnson, "the new generation takes from the one before and adds their own element" this is what has become the great debate between clapton/page it seems jimmy was alot more into adding his own element than eric was
  14. I had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with Robert the morning after the first night of his first tour with strange sensation in 2001. Among topics I brought up, was my idea to take one of the zeppelin concerts on film to madison square garden, put it on a MASSIVE screen, and play it through a LOUD concert sound system....then you could take that idea, and tour it through the USA, having it done at other places like the forum in los angeles etc. all to which Robert was just kind of shaking his head ever so slightly no, he wasn't keen on the idea. however, I was kind of stupid, cause the tour I mentioned to use was 1977. Afterwards I remembered how Robert is not a big fan of that tour. If you're gonna play zeppelin films, why do the 02? it seems kind of silly when you could do it with vintage zeppelin like I suggested. I still think it's a great idea.....20,000 roaring fans, a huge screen, and a deafening sound system.
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