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  1. after having slight success with the firm, and a reunion with plant and jones, page is in the midst of making outrider. some of those songs had potential to be pretty good zep material. anyway plant wasn't interested in doing a zep reunion. so that would have meant that page was looking for singers for that outrider album. he eventually settled on miles and chris farlowe. steve marriot around that time wasn't making any albums as I know of. he was probably touring small clubs at that point in his career. wonder why page didn't consider marriot to sing on the outrider album and possibly form another "supergroup."
  2. here are some bands that might not be classified by y'all as "current" but if you haven't heard it then it could be as considered as "new." -RIOT -CLUTCH -NASHVILLE PUSSY -LARRY PIERCE -REBEL MEETS REBEL and for some of you that like rap: -THE GETO BOYS enjoy
  3. I know I'm really going to stir some nasty shit with this thread so here goes. Let me first say that in no way am I suggesting that Warren DeMartini is a better guitarist than Eddie Van Halen. Heck he was honing his craft by dong EVH imitations before hitting it with Ratt. Years ago a friend of mine was an aspiring guitarist. He went to GIT over at L.A. for a couple of years. Years ago out of the blue he asked me, "name a cool EVH solo other than Eruption or Spanish Fly?" My response was "Aint Talkin' Bout Love." He then says, "Why does everyone say that." I said, "'Cause it's the most memorable and melodic." Going through the Van Halen catalog here are the other cool solos from EVH, although I couldn't really come up with a lot of them: YOU'RE NO GOOD DIRTY MOVIES D.O.A. AND THE CRADLE WILL ROCK THERE'S ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK Warren D imho has more cool solos than EVH. To name a bunch: WANTED MAN YOU'RE IN TROUBLE ROUND AND ROUND BACK FOR MORE SCENE OF THE CRIME LAY IT DOWN SLIP OF THE LIP CAN'T WAIT ON LOVE HEADS I WIN TAILS YOU LOSE NOBODY RIDES FOR FREE GIVE IT ALL WALKIN' THE DOG To me a lot of EVH'S solos sort of sound the same after a while. If anything I admire his rhythm playing a lot more than his leads. His rhythm playing if anything is waaaaaaay underrrated. Of course the master of tasty memorable lead solos is none other than the master, the inspiration for this website, an all-time fave to 90%plus of us who check this site regularly, -JAMES PATRICK PAGE!!! Go ahead let me have it-may the bashing begin.
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