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    Over the hills and far away in the misty mountains of Tennessee...
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    Listening to Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and all the classic bands and singers! I love animals, collecting records, hippy/bohemian things, nature, art, sewing, and odds and ends of other things. ❤️✌?️

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  1. Happy Birthday to the fantastic Jimmy Page! One of the greatest guitar players there ever was!
  2. Right now I am watching the rehearsal for the the O2 concert! It is on the special features of the Celebration Day DVD/CD set, and I have to say even the rehearsal is amazing!! and right now they are playing Nobody's Fault But Mine!
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Jordan and I just joined the group. I am excited to be apart of this group of Led Zeppelin fans! I can't say I've been a huge fan all my life, but I have been for almost the past year or so. I have always loved the Beatles, and from them I believe stemmed an interest in other musicians and groups from that era of music. Anyway, I had always heard some of their music here and there until one day Black Dog came on, and it stood out to me for some reason! When I started staying with my aunt and uncle when I was on school break, I would definitely hear some Zep down their. I specifically remember when I Stairway To Heaven came on pandora, and the snow was falling outside. What was amazing is the snow seemed to fall to the music! It fell gently during the first part, then as Jimmy's guitar picked up the snow fell harder and harder! I then heard Kashmir and my uncle told me it is one of his favorite songs of theirs. Long story short, Led Zeppelin must have kept calling to me until I finally heeded to the call and became hooked! After winding up with Zeppelin II and Zeppelin IV, I was really hooked! I just have to say what an awesome and amazing band! I love them all! John Bonham's incredible pounding on the drums, John Paul Jonse's sweet bass playing and creativity he brought into the studio, Jimmy Page's amazing guitar playing that just comes out so naturally, and Robert Plant's voice...oh that beautiful, wonderful voice he has! and his hair is so beautiful too...ok I'll admit he's my favorite and I seriously do love his hippie/bohemian style! Anyway I thought I could learn more facts about Zep by joining this group because I'm always wanting to learn and discover more about them! Thank you for letting me be a part of this group! I'll stop "rambling on" now. lol! Peace, love, and God bless!
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