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  1. aha, When anyone looks at it the Zoso appears as normal, however when I look in the mirror at it it looks backwards.
  2. is that you^?? it looks fresh did you just get it!? mine right above yours isnt as black is yours ahaha
  3. He pioneered the most influential drum solo. What other drum solo has been studied or listened to by an audience more? Almost every drummer i know learns those bass tom tom triplets at the end of moby dick, the double kick single kick bass drum, playing with the hands, and all that jazz. There are a lot of drums wayyy better then John technically but he has so much soul into his drumming.
  4. I F'ing love stairway, I can listen to it all the time, studio and all the live versions. its a masterpiece, and if everyone stopped thinkin about how much its played and just listened then you'd probably like it more.
  5. It was there so someone could let him know when his apples and oranges shirt came out of the dryer
  6. hey guys, can anyone recommend me some good shows from 69-72 that are good sound quality and you can hear the drums and guitar well? I have some but the quality is crap and you cant comprehend the drums and what bonzo is doing, which sucks, im particularily looking for shows with good bonzo/page interaction but thats usually all of them in the early days:D
  7. Yah great people do work there, i have an idea who the people you met too. ill try to nicely mention it to management lol hopefully they'll listen
  8. haha:D not trying to brag, but if its the bass bass tom tom quadruplets, i can do those really easy, and fast too , single pedal of course
  9. I work at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls, we got one of JPJs bass guitars up on the ceiling except the label under it says "Paul Jones - Led Zeppelin", i see it every day of course. We got other cool stuff from other bands if anyone wants to know something from a specific band. its pretty sick ill try to find a picture of the bass thats up there im not sure which bass that was or when he used it. edit: pretty sure its this one
  10. Man, im not lieing, I got home on Friday at like 11:30, went to bed at 12:30 and at this time, now Saturday May 31st, it was thundering hard. The next day I was at driving school and it randomly started thundering hard, barely rained and it was sunny outside most of the time. Its gotta be bonzo
  11. Rest in Peace bonzo... your drumming has inspired me so much to learn how to play like you, I've learned so much about studying your drumming, that not only am I a lot better at playing drums, but I am a lot better in creativity in music, my unique feel for music all started by listening to your drumming, You were the driving force in Zeppelin. thanks bonzo.
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