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  1. Its just that specific posistion that makes it sound off.
  2. So this is my first post on this forum since either 2008 or 2009. I recently started gettig back into music since my athletic "career" is now over and I just purchased an Epiphone SG Custom Les Paul. It worked fine in the store and when I brought it home but now it is having a problem that I would consider unique. All my strings will be perfectly in tune and I will be playing on the first three frets and all will be fine and dandy but when I play higher chords the like an E on the 7th/9th frets the G and A strings become out of tune with each other and it sounds horrible. I am wondering what c
  3. The predictions I've got so far are Patriots either 14-2 or 16-0, Dolphins 8-8. Patriots win Super Bowl 44. Eagles will not even make the playoffs. On the first Monday Night game of the season Patriots beat the Bills by a score of around 42-17. Brady will be back to full form, I mean just look what he did in 01 he had never even played before and he had a mediocre line and only one pretty decent receiver in Troy Brown. He may have been put a season now but he has the best reveiving core/o-line in NFL history. Even if Brady comes back at 65% he can throw to either Randy Moss, Joey Galloway, Wes
  4. GO BRUINS! Crush the Habs! Get ready Montreal this time YOU lose!
  5. I would say Freddie is definatley #1.
  6. I'll tell you the only reson the Sox are down is because of that dam umpire, if I ever see him I'm gonna kick him in his balls.
  7. The Red Sox are looking better than in 07 while the D-Rays look worse off than last year, although I'm quite sure the Yankees will not be in first there looking better than last year. I'll bet an arm and a leg the team for the AL in the world series will be from the AL East and the favorite for that is my Red Sox.
  8. Yeah sure I'll just write him up why didn't I think of that . But it just seems weird not to I mean number one why would you not tour America especially if you tour everywhere else and are supporting an album.
  9. They have toured every where else, even South America, are there any U.S. dates? It just seems strange to tour the world to support an album and not play in America. When I was trying to find more information all I found was that Paul Rodgers is touring with Bad Company this summer and since it's already April there will be no spring tour and there can't be a summer tour unless Bad Company tours with Queen which I doubt Paul will pull double duty vocals. I asked this question before and the response I got was fall 08.
  10. Can't wait to see the Pats kick the Bills asses on the first Monday night game of the season, it'll be somewhere around Pats - 42, Bills - 14.
  11. Well, maybe Miami. But they have no chance against New England. Tom Brady Fred Taylor Randy Moss Wes Welker Joey Galloway Grag Lewis Ben Watson the whole O-line Richard Seymour Vince Wilfork Tedy Bruschi Jerod Mayo Adalius Thomas Shawn Springs Ellis Hobbs Brendon Marriweather Possibly even by the end of the off season Rodney Harrison, Junior Seau, and Julius Peppers.
  12. So you got T.O. but who's gonna throw him the ball, Trent Edwards HA! I look forward to another two blowouts around 56-10 again. But good luck I suppose and hey if the Bills make the Super Bowl I'll root for 'em. But to say the least the Bills will win maybe 2 games in division...against the Jets. Your the one who's dreamin the Bills will be lucky to win above 6 games.
  13. At first I was worried about the Pats but now...we have the best roster in the NFL. I think it's safe to say we've got won monster of a season ahead of us especially with the return of THE Tom Brady. We're probably even getting Julius Peppers! Now just to re-sign Harrison. I'll say they go 6-0 in division and 14-2, to 16-0, and Super Bowl champions of 4X. All other teams...get ready.
  14. I don't know what the Pats are gonna be like next year, they already had some BIG losses especially to their receivers with Kelly Washington being released, Jabar Gaffney not being re-signed in time going to Denver with Chad Jackson. And their defense is looking worse too with Vrabel being traded to the Chiefs for a draft pick and even Rodney Harrison might end up going to another team if managment doesn't pull their heads out of their asses and re-sign some of these guys. We better have a GOOD draft and get to signing some free agents I'm personally hoping for T.J. Houshmandzadeh.
  15. I think in this context it is "bawl" because he is singing about how "she won't stay true" and "stays drunk all the time". And it is really a romantic song not one of their usual sex drenched anthems that we all love so much.
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