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  1. Truth be told, the P/P version from late 1994 was better than any of the live Zep versions.
  2. I can't say much more than this. It's a horribly sad day in music today.
  3. Meet the new pope.....same as the old pope.....
  4. The UK version of the "Fate Of Nations" album. There, I kept it simple.
  5. Great performance except for the butchered NQ. That pisses me off. Good news is that the following night is captured fully on "Days Confused", and the quality is easily as good if not better.
  6. Boots are unedited usually, while most of the official releases have been tampered with. I prefer the tunes unadulterated, please...
  7. 6/23/77, hands down. Powerful yet very articulate. As good as it gets.
  8. Great post! And I concur, as I have the Godfather release too.
  9. I have a remastered, reprocessed version of the 5-28 show...beats all the MD. shows. Especially the beautiful version of NQ. My God that's good.... I suspect though that with my gear I can clean up these dry sounding SB's and get something better out of them. Stay tuned....
  10. Very disappointed in the sound quality...rather "mushy", especially the drums. No Quarter is mostly a combination of two aud. recordings, one at the first verse being virtually unlistenable. Honestly the 5-30 aud. recording I have is a lot more vibey and fun to listen to. Oh well.....it's more live Zep. Not going to bitch TOO much....
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