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  1. Truth be told, the P/P version from late 1994 was better than any of the live Zep versions.
  2. The UK version of the "Fate Of Nations" album. There, I kept it simple.
  3. Great post! And I concur, as I have the Godfather release too.
  4. This might be the wrong thread for this...and please accept my apologies if so. But this is my tribute to their 50th anniversary.
  5. Hard to tell just how good Mick was...but I guarantee you it was a HUGE step up!
  6. I agree....I have a show from 1990 where Jimmy joins in for most of it. Tyler trying to sing Immigrant Song was painful. I would have preferred Chris Cornell myself. He can hit the notes.
  7. Yep...that be the one! As all Creedence albums should be played, I crank it to 11.
  8. Another favorite band of mine. The older stuff ( "Deguello" and back) I prefer over the later releases. Their first album and Rio Grande Mud are priceless.
  9. Nice choice! Just bought the remastered/expanded version of this recently, along with Bayou Country and Pendulum. Great sound, and the extra tracks are fun too.
  10. My ultimate "greatest hits" package would be the best of the aforementioned 4 albums, plus a couple of select tracks from GHS and IORR.
  11. Ah crap...how'd I forget that!! Good catch!
  12. These are the 4 Stones albums that truly set the bar extremely high for the band. Honestly, sometimes it all depends on my mood. But these 4 are head and shoulders above anything else they ever did. I love all 4 of them!
  13. That's a very subjective opinion there. Both are friggin' masterpieces, it boils down to preference. Personally I like Sticky Fingers above them all.
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