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  1. Cool post Led Zep girl. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Que tenga un buen día :)

  3. Hola Zepphead, gracias for agregarme has your friend, see u around!!=)

  4. Oh wow. How do you know/ met Jason? Can I get a link to that thread?
  5. Oops. Madman, cheat, skank, or whatever... but he's a true legend! The Police was an amazing and energetic band - one of my favorites.
  6. ROFLMAO. One of the funniest threads on this board....
  7. LOL, because only God's hand can help us.... Bless him.
  8. Thank you FloriZep. Viva Argentina! Maradona For President...
  9. TMK, his book Strange Things Happen hardly mentioned Bonham, however he's remarked: "The Police has been so removed from my present life that it almost feels like Led Zeppelin called up and invited me to play drums with them". In addition to that, Stewart kinda favored Bonham in I'm in a Rock 'n' Roll Band.
  10. Typical "BIGDAN"-styled art... Well done!
  11. Yup. Maybe he got pissed off and took out his anger on McCartney....
  12. LOL, considering how hard Bonzo could hit the drums....
  13. Yeah. Bonzo liked The Police. In fact I've read somewhere in the Hammer of the Gods that he wanted The Police to win some kind of NME's or Melody Maker's "Best Band Award".
  14. Thanks for the information, Steve! Dinosaurs Vs. Punks
  15. An encounter between Led Zeppelin's John Bonham and Sting once nearly resulted in a fistfight, says Jason Bonham. Speaking to Spinner.com, the son of the late Zeppelin drummer said the incident occurred when his father took him to a Police show, not long after the trio had completed their second album. "[Dad] managed to get me backstage and he threatened to punch Sting," Bonham said. "It was hilarious. Dad stepped on his foot and he [sting] was very cocky back then. He was the new young frontman and had that punk kind of attitude. Dad was probably a dinosaur to him, even at 32. I r
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