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  1. 24 for me . . . I think I was unfairly handicapped because of height I still think 24 is too low though, they're 5-year-olds for cryin out loud! and with no apologies to Ric Flair, I'm "the dirtiest player in the game" in a fight . . .
  2. Metallica opening for Ozzy- Long Beach Arena 86'
  3. April 14th RITCHIE BLACKMORE!(is he still famous?)
  4. I've been in a moviegoing flurry the last couple weeks: I Am Legend, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story(wish there'd have been more Jack White as Elvis), Sweeney Todd(Depp was awesome, he deserves the Oscar nom he'll get), AvP: Requiem, Charlie Wilson's War, and just saw There Will Be Blood(great, though not as great as I expected I'm sad to report, Day-Lewis unrelentingly brilliant though) last night . . . I'll hopefully be getting through Juno, Atonement, The Great Debaters, The Bucket List, and maybe Persepolis by Jan. 1st
  5. I don't believe that myself but if so, Peter Grant did a helluva job feigning outrage . . .
  6. Chris Dreja . . . I wonder where that question ranks in difficulty level among people on this site; I would rank it Very Difficult for the average fan . . .
  7. Had one of my fav. homemade breakfasts about an hour ago- bacon-fried rice topped w/ 3 eggs over-easy, very good but my favorite variation is frying the rice with pork adobo; I don't cook adobo though so I wait for those occasions when my Mom calls to let me know she's made a batch and do I want to come get the leftovers, I always do . . .
  8. In addition to the cross-style graffiti, I remember the band's name written in the TSRTS-style lettering was frequently seen all over as well . . . Another thing that made you a "true" Zep fan back when I was growing up(L.A, late 70s-early 80s) was you had to have seen TSRTS at a midnight showing, while stoned; if you were really cool/reckless, you fired up in the theater itself(or bragged about doing it anyway) . . .
  9. Either recently, or perhaps in your misspent youth, you've scrawled, scratched, or otherwise written Z L E D P P E L I N on a school desk, bathroom stall, or wall somewhere; I know I did and so did an awful lot of apparent Led Zep fans where I grew up . . .
  10. Going with the definition of "underrated" as being heard on the radio, but nowhere near as much as Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Rock and Roll, Dancing Days, and others(not incl. Stairway which is on its own level as far as airplay) but deserving to, I'm going with No Quarter . . .
  11. Well hopefully that bunch of kids if they were genuinely interested, all bought several CDs apiece, and hopefully the Led Zeppelin and/or TSRTS DVDs as well and experienced that wondrous feeling of enlightenment and discovery in hearing Zeppelin for the 1st time, something I envy them; if they were your typical superficial, no-attention-span-having pack of brats then I'm not hopeful their interest in Zeppelin would last beyond a few days, such youths listen but seem unable to hear . . . I worked at a Borders a few years ago and was surprised and genuinely gladdened on those RARE occasions when
  12. Well I appreciate the hard work you put in Al Rock Suth, great job
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