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  1. I've been in a moviegoing flurry the last couple weeks: I Am Legend, The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, National Treasure: Book Of Secrets, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story(wish there'd have been more Jack White as Elvis), Sweeney Todd(Depp was awesome, he deserves the Oscar nom he'll get), AvP: Requiem, Charlie Wilson's War, and just saw There Will Be Blood(great, though not as great as I expected I'm sad to report, Day-Lewis unrelentingly brilliant though) last night . . . I'll hopefully be getting through Juno, Atonement, The Great Debaters, The Bucket List, and maybe Persepolis by Jan. 1st . . .
  2. Yep, my vote also goes to When The Levee Breaks- primordial and timeless, majestic, apocalyptic, pure epic Blues Power . . . songs aren't generally described as "invincible" but if I could describe one song with that adjective, this would be the song . . . At one point I didn't really think in terms of having a favorite song off of IV, I just loved the whole thing but probably would have said Stairway if pressed, but being part of that generation that was bombarded with Stairway by AOR radio near endlessly for years so that I had listened to it thousands of times not including playing the album on my own, I simply burned out on it, no such burnout on Levee . . . there will be many occasions now where I'll find myself thinking "Man, I gotta hear Levee right now"(hmm, now might be one of them), I don't think I ever felt that sensation for Stairway back in the day, let alone now . . .
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