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  1. 12 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    I purposely didn't look at my previous ratings to see how they'd compare. It's pretty obvious that a soundboard reveals more flaws, or at least exaggerates them, more than an audience source. So the ratings are really "in the ear of the beholder", but I'll always say a soundboard is more accurate for a technical analysis.

    Brussels is a possibility.

    Oh gotcha and yeah you're right a soundboard puts forth absolutely every little mistake vs an audience recording which hides the minute details.

  2. 23 hours ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    Nitpicking Page 1/18/1975 Bloomington, MN (Dogs Of Doom source)


    The Dogs Of Doom (Discord) come through again with a decent audience source. Missing IMTOD, and the encores.

    Rock And Roll- Plant sounds like 1975 Plant, using the opening numbers to warm up. Good verses. Solo- a little choppy on the transitions but the phrasing is good. Good outro verses. Not too bad. "B+".

    Sick Again- Plant a little better but still raspy. Good energetic tempo. First solo- perfectly played and phrased....until 1:58, where Page flubs a note badly. 2:15, easy Rob. Outro solo- starts off good with some nimble runs. 4:22-4:30, a nice set of trills and runs. 4:38, a unique sounding phrase, almost rockabilly. Apart from the very noticeable flub not bad. "A-".

    OTHAFA- Solid intro. Plant manages fairly well on the chorus verses. 1:49, Page misses a chord. Solo- 2:47, Page plays the rhythm twice instead of jumping right into the solo. He noodles fluidly on the get-go and maintains a good flow of phrases. Not bad for 1975. 4:41, he struggles a bit on the ascending riff. Plant sounding a bit rougher on the return, but the outro is good. Some rough edges keep this at a "B" despite a good solo.

    When The Levee Breaks- Sounding much heavier live. 0:57, Page not hitting the mark on this phrase. 2:54, not bad but Page is struggling with these slide phrases. Some decent harmonica from Plant. 5:46, a little loose sounding. Plant comes back in for some average harmonica playing. 6:40, some improv soloing by Jim with the slide which isn't the most fluid phrasing. Well, for a first time rating, "B+". (Plant mentions Page's broken finger)

    TSRTS- Nice energetic start. 1:38, an off note ringing out. 2:06, there it is again. First solo- blazing speed here as Page seems to nail the articulation. 4:09, a string out of tune on the 12. Outro solo- 4:37, Page goes into shred mode on this, nailing the timing and articulation. Considering the slightly out of tune guitar, "A-".

    The Rain Song- Good start and guitar interlude from Page. Jones sounds adequate though he's buried in the mix. Rock section- not bad, pretty average. Solid playing throughout. "A".

    Kashmir- Recording a little murky now. Solid all the way through, no flaws that I can hear. "A".

    The Wanton Song- Pretty solid playing throughout. Solo- some good phaser soaked leads. Fairly solid overall. "A". (4:01, "He was born in Jerusalem")

    No Quarter- Solid first verses. Jones' section is very straightforward but pleasant. Solo- Page opens with some nimble runs. 6:23-6:30, playing aggressively. 7:30-7:42, fluid playing and excellent phrasing. 8:41, Page reusing this phrase a lot but it works well. 10:40, interesting phrasing by Jones. The solo winds down nicely and the return sounds good. 13:32, small tape cut. Some decent wah licks on the outro. Could easily pass for a good 1973 version. "A+".

    Trampled Underfoot- 1:04. Plant slurring the lyrics. Jones' solo is mostly inaudible. Solo- 3:13, forcing it a little. Just not getting a good flow going but it's not terrible. An average run through for 1975. "B+" for the energy.

    Stairway- Verses solid all the way through. Solo- kicking off with the usual phrases, Page playing articulate. But...the phrasing is incredibly straightforward and uncreative. It's quite boring to my ears even if he is keeping a good steady flow going throughout. 8:16, staccato chords played well. 8:26, slight flub. Honestly, the very last phrase at 9:10 is the only one he plays with emphasis. 9:25, Plant drops out for a second on the climax. I can't deduct for technicality because everything is played fairly well, but it's a slightly sleepy version. "A-".

    Final Assessment- Some rust undoubtedly showing on the group, but overall much better than what I expected for this performance on the whole. Page is surprisingly nimble fingered (despite one being broken) and still has the remnants of 1973 in his playing. Plant takes a while, naturally, to warm up. Perhaps opening the tour in Minnesota during winter wasn't the best thing to do. The highlight is a strong No Quarter that contends with any 1973 version. Stairway is very solid on Jimmy's part, but as I already stated it feels a bit dialed in. TSRTS, The Rain Song, Kashmir, Wanton Song, and No Quarter is a very solid five song stretch and that type of consistency would be rare for the rest of 1975. Although playing good here, I'd still give the nod to Philadelphia for the best Page of the year. Thanks again to The Dogs Of Doom discord.

    So I have to ask, why did your ratings from the audience recording get higher grades vs. the soundboard starting with The Song Remains The Same through to The Wanton Song? Also do you think you'll do the Brussels show by chance?

  3. 1 hour ago, William Austin said:

    I'm here to refute it... 😄

    Ok, this may blow your mind a little bit... mainly because it comes from a night that is not especially revered as being one of Robert Plant's best shows... far from it.

    It's actually the other first night in Tokyo: October 2, 1972.

    Here's the link to hear for yourself.

    This was brought to my attention in a member's-only thread of the Hotel sometime in the past year. If I remember correctly, the guy that pointed it out as being the last time Plant hit the "lady," created the mistaken impression amongst the readers that he was referring to the first Tokyo show in 1971, only to clarify a few posts later that he meant 1972. And he was right.

    You're right Robert does hit the "lady" note at the Tokyo 10/02/1972 show he also goes for it for one final time at the show on the 9th in Osaka although it's a bit flat there. He also sings it at the Auckland, Brisbane, both the Seattle shows, and LA. He seemed to dodge the "lady" note more and more in 72 given his voice was slowly deteriorating and never hits the E5 again after 72.

    In 1971 he starts to dodge the "lady" note after the first LA show but then hits it in again at Orlando, then during the 1971 Japan tour he hits it at both the Tokyo shows, And again after a two month break he hits it again more frequently during the Winter UK tour in Newcastle, London, Manchester, and Leicester.

  4. On 12/24/2020 at 11:50 PM, gibsonfan159 said:

    Nitpicking Page 7/24/1977 Oakland, CA (Alpha And Omega-Magic Bus)


    The last show the band would play in the U.S. Another decent audience source.

    TSRTS- Seemingly good start. Everything is fine until...First solo- an absolute slopfest. I don't think Jim actually hits one note with any amount of articulation. And not to be out done, Robert's return has him yodeling some screechy vocals. Outro solo- More of the same. Bonham and Jones sounded good though. Barely a "B".

    Sick Again- 0:18, some hesitation before Jim comes in and The Rover licks are sticky. Sounding good once they get going. First solo- Page doesn't exactly hit the opening notes correctly. 2:45, sticky. 2:54-2:58, fingers stuck in strings. Outro solo- the usual phrases. 5:42, getting sticky. Plant sounded a little better at least. "B".

    NFBM- Intro sounds just a little low effort. Solid verses. Rob's harmonica solo isn't bad but pales to the one from the day before. Guitar solo- Page very low in the mix but gets some nifty licks in that are seemingly fluid and energetic. Overall a decent performance but there's a noticeable lack of "oomph" about it. "B+".

    OTHAFA- Intro played well. Good verses. Solo- some good fluidity and phrasing off the bat. Bonham is mixing it up as well. 3:03, very slight hangup. Overall a fairly solid solo. Outro is a little loose but not enough to mark points off. "A". 

    SIBLY- Intro is phrased well but played a little more relaxed than usual. 0:45-0:50, sticky. 1:04, sounds like a very short tape cut. Plant's vocals have a little more narrative to them this time. Solo- a speedy, slightly sticky run to start. 4:54-5:00, sticky. Not the best. Bonham gets lively on the second half but the others don't quite match the energy. A sticky solo keeps this at a generous "B+".

    No Quarter- Sound quality now superb. Excellent, thunderous start with everyone sounding top notch. Jones- The Rhodes transition is straightforward but he makes up for it on the piano section with some intricate playing. 6:17, a flamenco sounding phrase. 7:45, picks up the tempo. Jones puts down a piano showcase for roughly five minutes. 10:25, straight into the pre solo jam. Solo- intro notes are sticky but he takes off soon after. 11:29, a little sloppy. 12:08, a speedy run that borders on sloppy. 12:50, again with these forced riffs. Just no real flow on this as Jim's playing is extremely choppy and overly experimental. 14:06, finally a good run. 14:14, Jones getting experimental with some off key chords. 14:42, Bonham doubles the beat as Page gets his fingers tangled up. Jones brings it back down to a professional level and returns to the verses. Page does get some decent wah licks in toward the end. If you can look beyond the sticky guitar phrasing, this is an entertaining "A" version. If you can't, it's a "B". Either way, it's not a good showing from Page. (Plant mentions the mystery dancer who came onstage).

    Ten Years Gone- Good intro. First solo- Page almost flubs the intro phrase but hangs on. A little loose but played fairly well. 4:53, wrong bass note by Jones. 5:13, Page plays a little early. Second solo- I don't think he was ready as he hesitates to start it off. 5:55, some decent speedy phrases. Third solo- not bad, but rough on the edges. The bends sound a little forced. Bonzo's drums sound tremendous through here. Fourth solo- 8:40, overdoes it a bit and causes a feedback loop with the delay. Outro solo- 9:30, Jones bass synth gets a boost. Too many flaws on this one. "B".

    BOE- No flaws that I can hear but there's a certain something missing on this one. "A".

    GTC- A lengthy introduction by Plant. Instruments are low in the mix but sounds like an excellent version overall. "A".

    Mystery Train- Played loosely, not as good as the 6/19 version. (1:01, sounds like someone near the taper says "My least favorite guitar")

    BCW- solid. BYAS- 2:24, a little sticky on the intro. First breakdown- very straightforward. 4:56, Page drops out for an unknown reason. Second breakdown- a little loose but not bad at all. Some technical problems drop this to a "B".

    TUF- 1:21, extend snare roll out of nowhere. Verses sound good. Jones- not showing off but sounds ok. Solo- 3:22, sticky. Hard to make out but sounds like the usual screeching wah licks. 4:21, getting dangerously loose. An entertaining one for sure, but realistically a "B+".

    WS/BMS- Page taking time to find a flow for the intro. 1:11, just a bit sticky. The up tempo sounds good with nimble playing. And up tempo it is, flying along. 4:52, the slow section played fairly well. 5:25, a little sticky here. 7:04, sloppy part. If ignoring the couple sticky parts, this is an easy "A" for 1977. Technically I'd go "B+".

    Kashmir- 1:10, bad chords by Jimbo. 5:45, Plant straining a little. Overall not bad but the tempo drags badly. "B+".

    Achilles- Solid intro. 1:12, bad note by Page. 1:58, Page chokes a note. 2:14, Plant yodel. Bonham and Jones sounding fantastic. First solo- some off sounding bends but nothing terrible. Certainly not his best playing here. 5:41, bad chording by Page. Second solo- not bad, not great. A mixup at 6:40 as Page drops out for a few seconds. 7:10, Page barely hanging on. Third solo- some sloppy screeches. Bonham, Jones, and even Plant sound amazing on this one. Page was obviously having troubles, and he keeps this at a "B".

    Stairway- First half sounds good. Solo- 6:03, slight flub. 6:40-6:44, very sloppy. 7:42, sloppy mess. 8:11, Jones misses the chords. 8:33, Jones says screw it and does some unique riffs. 9:00, poorly played released bend. 9:09, final notes are flubbed. Whoo boy, talk about light and day before and after the solo starts. "B"...would honestly be inaccurate considering the near trainwreck solo. "C+".

    WLL (Partial)- Good enough but Plant cracks on the final scream.

    Rock And Roll- 0:32, guitar is sounding a little strange. 1:08, ah yes, it's horribly out of tune. Not just a string or two, but it sounds like the neck snapped off. Solo- let's keep moving. I swear Bonzo is playing the open high hat extra loud in an attempt to crowd out the guitar. And out of nowhere comes a rare "C" to end the show.

    Final Assessment- I tricked myself into believing that after a solid OTHAFA and decent SIBLY that there'd be more to look forward to. There really wasn't. 

    I think Bonham has stood out more in these two shows than anyone. He had a playful vibrance and drive that the others (Page especially) just couldn't match. Both Achilles performances had the rhythmic groundwork to be some of the most standout performances, but Page just wasn't focused enough.

    IMO the 77 tour ended just like it started with average/mediocre performances, the band didn't start to really warm up until the final Chicago show from that show on they kept improving. 

    A show that'd be neat for you to nitpick next imo would be the Cincinnati show on 4/20/77 its an above average to good show in my opinion even if it's missing the acoustic set and most of SIBLY but the quality is actually pretty good.

  5. On 11/16/2020 at 10:56 PM, spindle said:

    My set list (missing first 2 songs, I think) in order- Stairway To Heaven- Going To California- That's The Way- Since I've Been Loving You- Black Dog- Dazed & Confused (w/Page using violin bow)- Communication Breakdown- What Is And What Should Never Be- Celebration Day- Gallows Pole- Whole Lotta Love (extended version w/Boogie Chillen' by John Lee Hooker, That's Alright, Mess Of Blues, Honey Bee by Muddy Waters, & Sittin' and Thinkin') (almost 20mins.) then the encore with one song I don't know, then Rock & Roll to close.

    This is really cool, These are the concerts I've always wanted to hear the most from the first half of 1971 the one's where Robert's at peak voice still.

  6. How Many More Times 1/22/1975 Robert hits an incredibly high note on the final gun at 1:36:34 

    The show also features Robert's best performance of The Wanton Song he sings it with incredible power, he then later goes on to push his voice to the absolute limit during the final part of Stairway to the breaking point with his voice cracking badly.


  7. 38 minutes ago, Strider said:

    I wanted to listen to August 22 1970 Tarrant County Convention Center, Ft. Worth. But I can't seem to find it. Am I missing something? I could have sworn there was a 1970 Tarrant County tape out there?

    No recordings exist from that show unfortunately. Although there is an audience recording the day before that show in Tulsa Ok on 8/21/70.

  8. 1 minute ago, Nutrocker said:

    If the OKC show was that rusty, imagine what opening night in Dallas musta have been like...

    Be nice if a couple more recordings popped up for a couple of them early '77 gigs- five of the missing seven '77 recordings date from the first leg of the tour (Dallas, Minneapolis, St Paul, St Louis, Indianapolis, and a recording exists for Indy)

    I'd really like to hear some of the missing shows, I think the first leg of the 77 tour is pretty underrated it suffers from having poor audience recordings.

    I imagine Dallas would've been pretty rough, but would be interesting to hear how Robert sounded the first night of the tour.

  9. On 7/11/2020 at 1:21 AM, gibsonfan159 said:

    Nitpicking Page Oklahoma City 4/3/1977 (Fucking T.Y.- Tattytura)

    I've gotten a few requests for this one so here we go. A boomy and slightly distant audience source.

    TSRTS- Solid start and Plant sounds good. First solo is hard to make out but sounds ok behind the screeching P.A. Bonham seems to be lively tonight. Hard to judge. but I'll go "B+".

    Sick Again- Hard to tell if it's the recording or the equipment, but Page's guitar seems to cut in/out on the intro. First solo- starts good but gets sloppy around 2:38. 3:25, wrong chords by Page. Outro solo- Page comes in erratically. 5:30, sounds extremely forced. "B" at best.

    NFBM- Intro is a little sluggish and not as tight as it should be. 1:47, slight chord flub by Page. Same goes for the verses. Harmonica- sound quality drops but the harmonica is up front. Nothing amazing, just ok. Solo- Page starts off with a good couple phrases but jumps to some very strained bends, followed by some speedy fingered and somewhat sloppy phrases. 7:10, Plant ends the song with some squeaky vocals. "B".

    IMTOD- A very solid start. 4:12, a little sloppy. First solo- phrasing is fairly on point from the start. 5:35, Page and Bonzo play off each other for a unique phrase. 5:54, a hang up as it sounds like Page forgets how to transition back to the verse. Second solo- Page holds it together a little better this time though it's very erratic. A heavy, energetic version, but very, very sloppy. I couldn't go above "B".

    SIBLY- A decent intro from Page played fairly well until :48, where he loses focus a little. Verses aren't bad at all. Solo- extremely erratic off the bat and trying to cram too much in. 4:25, some straining. 4:53, some missed notes. 5:18, confusion as Robert comes back in as Page seemingly wanted to stretch it out. A rusty sounding performance. "B".

    No Quarter- Good start as Jones' piano segment really stands out, flowing well with awesome phrasing. The blues boogie comes in well-timed, but no Page just yet. 7:57, a slight tape cut on my version. Jones' playing is seamless right up until Page finally comes in. 10:07, not good. 10:18, sloppy. 10:54, something happens as Page drops out and Jones covers his spot. 11:55, Page comes back in with some speedy phrases and sounding more confident. 13:20-13:30, Jimmy goes all out in a relatively messy fashion. 15:31, some more excellent phrasing by Jones before bringing it back. Page finishes up with some decent wah licks. Really hard to weigh the excellent showing from Jones against the near disaster of Page, as Jones is an "A" while Page gets a "C+". I'll meet it halfway and go "B".

    Ten Years Gone- Solid intro by Page. 2:14, sloppy chording. 3:16, again Page is struggling to nail the chords. First solo- Page is very reluctant to get a flow going, but not bad. Second solo- Much better. Third solo- Page let's loose here and knocks down some energetic phrases. Fourth solo- finds the groove again for some good phrasing. Outro solo- pretty straight forward riffing as it sounds like Page hasn't turned this part into a solo effort quite yet. Overall not bad apart from the couple of chording struggles. "B+".

    BOE- Some technical issues as it takes a while for the boys to set up. Plant sounding exceptional on this. Not bad at all. "A".

    GTC- I hear nothing wrong, a superb version. "A".

    BCW- A standard run through. B+".

    BYAS- Good start. The breakdown is played energetically and fairly well. Solid version. "A".

    WS- A sluggish start but the up tempo flows nicely as Page plays with passion. "B+".

    BMS- 5:09-5:20, sloppy. Matter of fact, this whole BMS is a disaster. "C+".

    Kashmir- 6:06, wrong chords. Otherwise a decent version. "B+".

    Achilles- A very unusual, and nearly botched intro. 1:46, sounds like some missed chords. First solo- some dreadful phrasing and Page is almost playing ahead of the beat. Second solo- some better phrasing this time around. Third solo- not bad. Outro is a little loose. Not a disaster but it's obvious they haven't quite got the groove of the song down yet. Page's improvised riffing sometimes sounds awkward and Bonzo's fills are off point. A generous "B".

    Stairway- Fairly solid first half with Plant sounding good. Solo- Page opens with the signature blazing licks but loses his flow some around 6:30. 7:26, Bonham attempts an odd sounding snare roll. 7:37, some bad articulation. Page gets the final bars down decently before the climax, which hits well. Not a great solo but overall not terrible. "B".

    Rock And Roll- Blazing tempo. Solo- tremendous energy but the phrasing is all over the place. Monster drum fill at the end. "B+".

    Trampled Underfoot- Good start. Jones gets a decent but short routine in. Solo- Page teases some slow bends before going insane. He catches a breather then finishes with more frantic phrases drenched with heavy delay. Not the most technical solo but an exciting one for sure. 6:03, a strange sound effect coming through the speakers. Ends abruptly. "B+".

    Final Assessment- Well, it's only the second show of the year and it sounds like it. A very rusty performance all the way through. The acoustic section did shine as the only part of the set played above average. Page simply sounded out of practice on some of these seasoned songs, and dropping out entirely for whatever reason during No Quarter. Jimmy wasn't the only one to blame here though as Bonzo was also playing in an odd fashion, with a lot of drum fills sounding out of place and off the mark. This show is very similar to 7/23/1979 where they also showed some rust.

    Definitely a rusty show for Zeppelin they seem to hit their stride at the last Chicago show onto the two Cincinnati shows which have decent recordings. The first leg of the tour has some pretty underrated shows and is often overlooked other than the Destroyer show.

  10. 57 minutes ago, gibsonfan159 said:

    Nitpicking Page 7/5/1980 Munich (EVSD)


    Video footage- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqiW4VnX_5k&feature=youtu.be


    A murky but very listenable audience recording filled in with a murkier audience recording. Featuring the last performance of Achilles Last Stand. Also a guest appearance by Simon Kirke of Bad Company.

    Train Kept A Rollin- The usual kickoff, Plant sounding decent. First solo- simple but effective. Outro solo- good phrasing, fluid playing. "A".

    NFBM- Speedy tempo, almost sounds as if it's running fast. Good start. Harmonica- a little slack as Robert runs outta steam toward the end. Solo- some very nimble fingers throughout along with flawless phrasing. Top notch. A surprisingly solid run through with an excellent solo. "A".

    Black Dog- Energetic and heavy throughout. Solo- 3:45, bad articulation. Not quite as nimble as the previous song as he gets stuck repeating the old familiar phrases. A fairly solid version. "B+".

    In The Evening- Good start but Plant seems to fumble/mumble the lyrics throughout. Solo- Page flies through the usually solid routine. The outro solo is decent and wah drenched. Plant seems to disappear toward the end. "B+".

    The Rain Song- Page gets a slightly uptempo flow going, almost rushing the chord changes. Plant sounds very hoarse on an otherwise excellent rock section. Page gets a little loose on the outro notes. "B".

    Hot Dog- Sounds like a switch to an inferior source now, which changes again later. Page nails the intro and we're off. Solo- Hard to make out, but sounds like Jimmy knocks down a solid set of country licks and pedal steel bends. Jones' piano bashing isn't quite as harsh either. Honestly an "A+" to my ears, but the recording isn't great.

    All My Love- A tempo that feels just right. Jones knocks down his solo. Guitar solo- Page finally gets a decent set of phrases in that don't sound like a trainwreck. Still not great though. The song winds down in good fashion and finishes a pretty solid version. I'd have to go "A+" for this track considering the solo is semi coherent.

    Trampled Underfoot- Speedy tempo. Jones' keys are buried in the recording but sound good. Solo- Page fools the audience by starting with some intriguing notes and then falling into articulation despair at 3:03. He gets back on track with some solid wah licks to finish, not bad. That unfortunate sloppy solo run keeps this at a "B+".

    SIBLY- Very unconfident start. 2:04, chord flub. The verses are almost too downtrodden for even this song. Solo- Page blasts off akin to the 77 versions. His playing is a little choppy but he's fairly articulate and keeps the phrasing on point. A strong solo overall. Bonham and Jones sound asleep on this one and Page doesn't exactly leave the earth. Despite a solid solo I still have to say "B".

    Achilles- Off to a good start. First solo- Excellent legato phrasing and articulation is good. 4:20-4:45 is phrasing supreme. 4:50, a missed note. Back to the inferior source for a couple minutes. Second solo- Standard phrases here. Third solo- Sounds good. 8:18, minor flub. A strong finish for an overall excellent version barring some minor flubs. I'll still go "A".

    WS/BMS- Page warms up and takes off in true 1970 fashion. Nothing bad to say about this WS as Page never once stutters or misses a note. BMS- Page even nails the usual hangup phrases. A++

    Kashmir- 2:07, wonky synth note. Sounds strong throughout, however Page is extremely reserved on the outro soloing. Luckily Bonham kills it with some awesome fills (9:07). "B+".

    Stairway- The audience singing harmony sounds pretty surreal here. The guitar is very low in the mix but Jones' piano more than covers for it. Solo- phrasing Heaven as Jim keeps a steady flow of notes going. 7:20, some bad chording, nothing major. 8:43, some rough articulation but he moves on from it. The final four runs are played fairly well to bring in a powerful climax. Very good, "A+".

    Rock And Roll- Takes off at breakneck speed and Plant sounds strong. Solo- Page barely hangs on but does alright. "B+".

    WLL- Simon Kirke is welcomed to the stage and Page jokingly starts the Moby Dick riff. Plant's voice sounds as good here as anytime in 8 years. The trippy/funk section is intense but Page struggles a little with the solo. Boogie Chillen- Page and Plant play off each other well before launching into a very heavy rendition. Page doesn't go crazy on the solo but plays fairly well. 10:20, some stickiness. The return finishes out an overall solid version, though Kirke wasn't allowed to do much. "B+".

    Final Assessment- The highs by far outweigh the lows for this one. NFBM, All My Love, Hot Dog, Achilles, and Stairway are all some of the best of the year, but I think the single standout is WS/BMS as Page plays it near perfect in a year where it's often a disaster. It takes Plant longer than usual to get warmed up but he really comes alive toward the end.

    Definitely the best 80 show for me, Jimmy seems really coherent and fluid with his playing and Robert sounds as good as ever with his voice hitting a higher register for the final half of the show.

  11. 14 hours ago, Bonzo_fan said:

    Not gibsonfan129, but I've always thought the June 13 version is a really good one but suffers from the sound quality.  The source for TYG on June 22 is damn-near indecipherable unfortunately, as it may well have been the best given how great the rest of that show is.

    Thanks I'll check that one out!

  12. gibsonfan129 As a song that was only performed mostly in 77 with two from 79 what would you say were the best performances of Ten Years Gone overall from this tour I really like the badgeholders show version but what others stood out to you from the tour?

  13. Robert definitely sounded great during the whole 77 tour it's really what makes me rank it as high as I do even above 72-75 era, I really think the third leg of the 77 tour tarnished its reputation especially with the Tempe performance and Roberts voice being weak for those last four shows of the tour, if you listen to the first leg yes it does start off rough but as they go on they improve during each performance and by the time you get to the second leg of the tour they're close to reaching their previous heights again. 

  14. 13 minutes ago, lynxwizard said:

    I am suprised more people are not talking about this. So Bloomington 75 exist, really hope this comes out, over at Royal Orleans where this came up the topic has been removed, interesting. I wonder why ?

    It hasn’t been removed it was just moved to the members only section.

  15. 9 minutes ago, zepster1979 said:

    Several years ago there was some discussion concentrated on some uncirculated stuff and this including Indianapolis 1977 audience tape. Some guys were reported to get copies, some of them were hoarding this as well. That's all. Typical horse play here.

    Thanks for the response! Maybe some day it’ll leak out!

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