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  1. It sold for $40,000 at the 2015 auction shown above.
  2. It was Jason Bonham who sold it to the current seller in the first place in 1988.
  3. Interesting topic,are there any photographs available of Jimmy`s shop Equinox aka "The Equinox (Booksellers and Publishers)Ltd" in Holland Street W8 at the time he owned it? I grew up in Holland Park in the 1960s-1970s very close to both Equinox and his house The Tower House but Holland Street is very small and only ever had about 5 or 6 shops in it so I never bothered to explore them at the time. P.S. Whilt I was searching for pictures of the shop I found this book which was published by it twice in both 1974 and 1975 https://openlibrary.org/publishers/The_Equinox_(Booksellers_and_Publis
  4. I`m English so I don`t know much USA sport history Zep Head,but were the current NY Rangers Ice Hockey club originally a field Hockey club?
  5. Sorry if this is an out-of-date question,but has the limited edition of 50 dragon Fender Telecasters been released yet,or has it not and they are still taking orders?
  6. The Rick Barrett LZ collectibles website below mentioned by several people on here doesn`t seem to function anymore;is he still in business? http://zeppelincollectables.com/home.php
  7. Shelley Kaye apparently http://www.imperialgunneryforum.com/t6013-some-of-my-led-zeppelin-memorabilia-collection
  8. I have just seen this one which sold at Christie`s for £2,750 in 2010...Who was Shelley? http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot_details.aspx?intobjectid=5331571&cid=54470031002
  9. Looking at the website of the photographer Neal Preston I think that is him in the hockey shirt talking to Percy Plant https://www.prestonpictures.com/news
  10. Did you see this one on that link which went for 10k in 2011?...http://www.defunkd.com/blog/2011/04/26/vintage-led-zeppein-t-shirt/ ....I prefer the hockey shirt anyday!!
  11. Product Description In 1975 Led Zeppelin released Physical Graffiti a double-LP. It was very popular as it hit #1 on the charts. A super size American tour was played to feature the music on the album. This American style red, white and blue custom hockey jersey is just like the one guitarist Jimmy Page wore on the last night of the 1975 tour. It features stitched white cursive lettering across the verso nameplate area, “Jerry Weintraub – Concerts West Presents”. Large block letters (sewn-on) present, “Led Zeppelin American Tour 1975.” The front chest sports two white patches with bl
  12. According to the website of these memorabilia dealers who were once in possession of the shirt Jimmy wore his one onstage on the very last night of that same tour....... https://www.memorabilia.expert/shop/americana/1975-led-zeppelin-american-concert-tour-rare-vip-crew-band-only-promo-hockey-jersey-by-concerts-west/
  13. Does anyone know anything about these shirts or have any pictures of any Band and/or Crew Members wearing these shirts? I think only 8 or 12 were made.....4 for the band and 4 for VIP Swan Song or Crew Members,and each had their names embroidered on one of the sleeves. I believe Jimmy wore one onstage on the final date of the 1975 USA tour on 27th March at The Forum in Inglewood,Los Angeles. Here`s a picture of Jimmy`s one from the "Vintage Swag" section of the official website http://www.ledzeppelin.com/photos/memorabilia/vintage-swag?page=2
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