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  1. Your not wrong there. It will be interesting if Eelgrass put something out ?
  2. The moment we've all been waiting for! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLkRU9SH0wM
  3. Correct! I will just run away in shame know..Lol Thank's for the info.. Probably not a real reel or even a real hoarder.
  4. Hi Guy's! I dont know if it's just me or if iv'e been living under a rock.. It's been a while since last on here, but i spotted this, sound's superb, does anybody know if it's the reel deal, no pun intended ? Led Zeppelin, USA Live 1969, bootleg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JrsaPb4UJw
  5. Thank's yeah, the Google translation of the written image is automatic & translated like that. i just quoted it. right that make's sense what your saying & i sort of new they filmed it, it just sound's interesting they borrowed it from the director. witch i thought was else wear. they sounded Maxwell sound like an organization, As i thought it came from Bonham. The automatic google translated image uploaded is just a window snip from yahoo auction's.
  6. That was not me. that's just my guess. it just sound's clipped out when John come's in, it definitely has some effect on the mike since the start is louder. but if it's the stereo transfer, it might be that. After that i have no more interest in it, there's to many better recording's i could follow, life's short' thank's for the thought anyway.
  7. It doe's sound to me either the left or right mikes was popped or completely clipped out due to Bonham's come in, thus it being put down to a mono recording, shame but a good performance but Bonham could blow anybody out couldn't he. I think it would benefit from a Winston remaster.. 😉
  8. Apart from the 28th what i find interesting is who is the Maxell Corporation director who i think they mean shot the whole show who they say they borrowed an open reel from for the 27th show, was they like Showco or i thought it came from Bonham himself. it always sounds like EVSD are always getting their SBD's from the people who always have the permission to record their show's either rumoured showco for 929 Osaka & now this Maxell Co borrowed Open reel SBD for the 27th show ?..
  9. Just found a bit more info on the subject.. The second image is Google's translation, not mine'..
  10. In my $ it's £39 with full tracked post for the 3 CD Set which is not Bad'.. Nice One!.. Love it'...
  11. I think i might be tempted to the 3 CD Set & Add it to my Box Set Like thieve done.. Oh what next' my Gas Bill, the 3 CD or the Van's ?..
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