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  1. Its definitely Page circa 1991 playing in a small club, with a borrowed guitar (burgandy strat) and the story with the matching guitar seems to line up (somewhat) to circumstances of that event. Small leap to say photo is from 5/29/91, as the story attached to the guitar, i.e. tahoe, private club, coverdale, etc. appear to be too close for a coincidence. That being said, you are correct that it is not definitive. It could be an undocumented page public performance from that same timeframe for instance. I would classify it as definitely more likely than not. No photos from the jam session
  2. Discussion of this impromptu jam found elsewhere on this website-- https://forums.ledzeppelin.com/topic/16633-jimmy-page-solid-ground-1991-05-29/ Review of the boot: JIMMY PAGE AND SOLID GROUND Up in Smoke [Continental Sounds 004] Continental Sounds may not be the most prolific label in Europe, but they sure come up with some unusual material. Among their few releases so far, have been an unusual collection of Tommy Bolin FM broadcasts and demos (Rarities), the only Elvis Costello recording known to exist of his ‘78 Japan tour (Live Attraction), and now this. Jimmy Page
  3. Thank you sir... that makes sense! It's Jeff Beck's famous "Yardbird Burst" Les Paul that Jimmy apparently carried to the East Coast from California. (Sound problems were apparently associated with the amps, not this famous guitar! which was a 1959 Les Paul Standard that Jeff bought at Selmer's music, Charing Cross Road for 175 pounds UK. There are scores of pictures of this guitar showing Jeff playing it from around the time of the 'Roger The Engineer' Yardbird's sessions up through the early Jeff Beck Group days. Had never seen a photo of Jimmy playing Beck's Yardbird Burst... well ther
  4. Perhaps this has been previously discussed---or should be placed in another topic, etc. (1st post, sorry) Found this image of Jimmy on Ebay, supposedly 9/9/66 at Alexandria Roller Rink Yardbirds concert... playing a borrowed guitar -- it would appear that before returning to UK, the Yardbirds (post Beck) shipped their instruments back from California but stopped over in Alexandria and Baltimore for 2 shows, which they played with borrowed equipment. Hadn't heard of this before! Was wondering if there was any background on where they borrowed the equipment from for the Alexandria show (and
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