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  1. Its definitely Page circa 1991 playing in a small club, with a borrowed guitar (burgandy strat) and the story with the matching guitar seems to line up (somewhat) to circumstances of that event. Small leap to say photo is from 5/29/91, as the story attached to the guitar, i.e. tahoe, private club, coverdale, etc. appear to be too close for a coincidence. That being said, you are correct that it is not definitive. It could be an undocumented page public performance from that same timeframe for instance. I would classify it as definitely more likely than not. No photos from the jam session were included in the boots to my knowledge and apparently there were photos originally but the keyboard player stole them (allegedly.) Other band members suspected he was the one that sold the soundboard recordings so not sure why he didnt hook the bootleggers up with a photo as well. Anyway, the lead singer and guitarist in the house band, "Solid Ground" appears to be named Rene' Best and there is a musician by that name in Texas so I'm guessing that's the same fellow. He said he let Jimmy borrow his guitar for the jam, not sure how it ended up in Spokane. Anyway, guess I should have put in the "photo mysteries" thread and seen if anyone could confirm venue, person playing guitar next to page, etc. I'm sure many people would love to hear a recording of this if you put on youtube, thanks for your time and reply.
  2. Discussion of this impromptu jam found elsewhere on this website-- https://forums.ledzeppelin.com/topic/16633-jimmy-page-solid-ground-1991-05-29/ Review of the boot: JIMMY PAGE AND SOLID GROUND Up in Smoke [Continental Sounds 004] Continental Sounds may not be the most prolific label in Europe, but they sure come up with some unusual material. Among their few releases so far, have been an unusual collection of Tommy Bolin FM broadcasts and demos (Rarities), the only Elvis Costello recording known to exist of his ‘78 Japan tour (Live Attraction), and now this. Jimmy Page playing with a bar band in Reno at the request of their female vocalist - the dream of every bar band of the ’70s and ’80s that cut their teeth on Zeppelin. Taken from a superb soundboard recording, this CD is far more vibrant than you could possibly hope for in an unauthorized release. Sound quality is consistently good with only a few rises in the levels (probably done by the soundman at the show) that hardly seem to matter. What does matter is Page’s performance. The band is third rate at best. The female vocalist is horrible (she only sings two songs and part of a medley - thank God for small favors) and the male vocalist, a very good southern belter, is prone to calling Page “son.” The rhythm section can’t keep time and the keyboard player is almost invisible. But, mercy, does page play. On this 70-plus-minute set, Page just lets everything rip. He cuts loose on some old rock ‘n’ roll standards with absolute abandon. It’s obvious he’s just having fun with no formal set list or direction (but, of course, without a great band behind him). Page can be heard playing masterful blues (Spider in Your Web), classic rock ‘n’ roll (Johnny B. Goode), crunching instrumentals (Smokin’ Again), rockabilly (Slow Down), and party-time favorites (Louie Louie medley). It’s great to hear Page playing with this much fun and abandon. Setlist (Reno, NV May 25, 1991): Spider in Your Web/ Steamroller/ Johnny B. Goode/ Hound Dog-Blue Suede Shoes/ Smokin’ Again/ Slow Down/ Old Time Rock ‘n’ Roll (Seger tune)/ Kansas City/ Louie Louie-Wild Thing-Hang On Sloopy Recollections of the lead singer of the jam session: A band I played in “Solid Ground” played with Jimmy Page at the Crystal Bay Club on May 29, 1991, Funny things happen when you're packing to move; you find a lot of the stuff you thought you lost. Last night after all these years I found part of a recording of the night Jimmy Page played with Solid Ground. I hope to find the rest of the recording. We did have pictures of the show but the keyboardist for the band ripped them off. He also is the one the band suspects boot legged the recording of the show against Jimmy’s wishes, after he specifically told the band that night not to do it. I want Jimmy to know the rest of the band had nothing to do with the boot legged recordings. Bill Glahn reviewed the recording on his blog in March 1993. He was tough on the band, Thank God he liked my singing "The male vocalist, a very good southern belter, is prone to calling Page “son.” I don't remember calling Jimmy son. It is a southern thing though, y'all know what I mean? I don't know why the recording is titled "Up In Smoke". Funny thing is, that is what happened to our relationship with the keyboardist, totally burnt to ashes. Reminds me of another situation with a nasty ex band mate. I do plan on posting these recordings of the show (Not for Profit) on my website. Jimmy was playing my guitar and Debbie McIntyre sang Hang On Sloopy and I sang the rest of the songs. Finding these recordings has led me to see what was out there on the internet about that night. I cannot believe the curiosity and information that has been posted. At the very least I want folks out there to know the story and give credit to where credit is due and mention all the band members who played on that recording with Jimmy Page. Well maybe not all, I will just ignore the damn keyboardist. I have worked with many musicians with pleasant and difficult dispositions. It is only the very worst of those that I refuse to have any association with, and refuse to recall anytime I spent with them, or mention them on my website www.renebest.net. That reminds me, I still have to write a disclosure about my website which I own and control all content, and the person who is spreading bogus lies, that "It's Not Really Rene's Website". In the mean time if anyone feels the need to know about the motives of the person behind the bogus complaints board comments you can cell me @ 775-378-7084 The guitar Jimmy used at this jam currently in the news and available for auction. https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2019/oct/18/jimmy-page-guitar-finds-its-way-to-river-city-guit/ https://www.spokanepublicradio.org/post/spokane-music-store-offers-guitar-formerly-owned-rock-legend-jimmy-page
  3. Thank you sir... that makes sense! It's Jeff Beck's famous "Yardbird Burst" Les Paul that Jimmy apparently carried to the East Coast from California. (Sound problems were apparently associated with the amps, not this famous guitar! which was a 1959 Les Paul Standard that Jeff bought at Selmer's music, Charing Cross Road for 175 pounds UK. There are scores of pictures of this guitar showing Jeff playing it from around the time of the 'Roger The Engineer' Yardbird's sessions up through the early Jeff Beck Group days. Had never seen a photo of Jimmy playing Beck's Yardbird Burst... well there it is. Thanks for solving that mystery for me. Interesting to note that Beck would also "give" Jimmy his blond tele (that he got from John Owen) during this same time period that Jimmy would decorate first with silver circles before it became the Dragon tele used exclusively on early Zep stuff and also the Stairway solo. (Neck later used on B-Bender "Brown Bomber" tele as well.) Apparently Beck got this Les Paul back and "left" the tele with Page and the Yardbirds.
  4. Perhaps this has been previously discussed---or should be placed in another topic, etc. (1st post, sorry) Found this image of Jimmy on Ebay, supposedly 9/9/66 at Alexandria Roller Rink Yardbirds concert... playing a borrowed guitar -- it would appear that before returning to UK, the Yardbirds (post Beck) shipped their instruments back from California but stopped over in Alexandria and Baltimore for 2 shows, which they played with borrowed equipment. Hadn't heard of this before! Was wondering if there was any background on where they borrowed the equipment from for the Alexandria show (and Baltimore show I would assume) and what kind of guitar Jimmy is playing here. (Les Paul Custom?) The item description details Jimmy's frustration with the borrowed equipment... "THE YARDBIRDS toured without the benefit and evidently financially draining set of their own musical instruments. A band known for the new experimental sound of "distortion" on their music - unable to coax this signature sound and now expected sound out of the borrowed equipment. A young lead guitarist named Jimmy Page who’s frustration made for a near rock and roll meltdown culminating in a near row after the set in the backstage area or as the Roller Rink was known as the “Skate Room.” Any background on this interesting wrap up to the Yardbirds 1966 US summer tour would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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