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  1. well, maybe there is some music 'in the can' waiting for a singer to put his track down and complete the project or maybe JP could do what south park did after chef (Isaac Hayes) left due to his scientology beliefs, and sample roberts voice, digitally have robert sing w/o singing, lol!
  2. that would be great karma, lol! zepp with a chick to match bob's chick, haha
  3. as great as zepp was, they were tough customers and partied real hard. nothing should be surprising. I read an interview i found online from 1979 where bonzo admits to anxiety. I would think he self medicated it with booze. so what. if you are a big star and have lots of cash, you get to expect your way, i would think you could also expect to gewt away with boorish behavior when drunk, big deal. suprised, nope.
  4. I think O2 might have been a nostaligic trip for him I too kinda hope no more led anyhting for the guy, if that is what he would like. - it never was about the fans, if 4 guys start a band and make a record, where are the fans- so then, why if a band begins to attract the attention of people, should they then sway themselves away from 4 guys in a band making their music? -nowhere in that equation is a fan or person besides the musicians.
  5. from wiki he seems like a good choice
  6. I predicted they would be in the studio waiting for robert to show up and they would tour after. but... I could see robert maybe not seeing himself as a member of led something at this point. for him it could be a part of his past. I do not care what happens so long as he keeps making his music and the other guys keep on as a band of something. the vocals are the 1st to go for the classic rock bands. journey,boston,1 other I forget, all found new singers who sound like the old one on youtube only david grohl would piss me off. he is all over rock radio now and I dont care for his stuf
  7. I dont care if Page calls the new band the yardbirds, the new yardbirds, the new led zeppelin or the mighty led zeppelin AND I think it is great that they are gearing up for a last go at it, while they can, memories may last forever but our bodies dont, if they are going to do it, reality is it is now or never for a grand scale massive tour and the white hot spotlight and giant crowds and the new younger fans who cares who the singer is, the aura of the sound will be there with the mighty thunder and wild outlandish heady guitar that no semblance of a rock band short of the white stripes ev
  8. I think he likes the music, but the scale of the event and the media frenzy that would be whipped up by big money would be more trouble than it would be worth unless he wanted that again. he is probably happy being more relevant after a quiet period of his career, and maybe this outside of the popular culture mainstream success is a nice place for him to be in at this life stage? - also, maybe as a singer, he likes the vocals and the song to be out front instead of standing around during jimmy's solo's?
  9. O2 was four blokes on a stage - a tour big enough and advertised enough to generate 200 million x 4 + $$$ for the promoters and... is not just 4 blokes on a stage
  10. if it is accurate, so what? how old was he when they started zepp, how old when JB died? how old is he now? let the guy leave it as he wants. it could be a decoy to let things settle down, which would only build momentum again for a latter date... or it could be the very end for now. imagine his choice, reviving the giant commercial led zeppelin machine and having to live through the circus a world tour would generate or to perform with a new found friend and to continue to explore what his fancy leads him to. unlike most of 'us' he seems to have complete financial security for
  11. man I love your Larks tounge in Aspic graphic makes me want to go dig it out and jam easy money B)
  12. I would love to see jack white and meg white open for Zepp if you havent seen the dvd they put out, it is great after track 6 jack white has a great feel for the blues standards and how to really wake them up. death letter is a good song made better by his guitar work imho
  13. the middle eastern period is over. blues, heavy blues derivitive rock n roll what did they play at O2, heavy blues rock. future zepp will be blues with a twist, maybe some folk, and definatly some tempo changes and transitions that are absent from current modern rock. bring it on, baby!!! I am sick of the crap on the radio for the last 10 yrs or more.
  14. looks like this scenerio may not be too far fetched after the Page interview saying september is when Plant is next availible for the Zepp tour
  15. "I think Godsmacks Version of GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES is awesome!" - I would suppose you thing GS is a quality Rock band as well, right up there with VH and LZ..... I think they lack creativity and uniqueness and try make up for it with a 'wall of sound' distorted modern rock'sh thing going on and a vocalist who sounds like he is straining just to sing any damn note, fwiw -besides, the band likes their lead singer soo much they started a side project and put GS on indefinate hold
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