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  1. "I think Godsmacks Version of GOOD TIMES BAD TIMES is awesome!" - I would suppose you thing GS is a quality Rock band as well, right up there with VH and LZ..... I think they lack creativity and uniqueness and try make up for it with a 'wall of sound' distorted modern rock'sh thing going on and a vocalist who sounds like he is straining just to sing any damn note, fwiw -besides, the band likes their lead singer soo much they started a side project and put GS on indefinate hold
  2. I hope they tour. It would make sense for them to do so in the sense they went into the world of music to perform and the goal of a performer is to entertain the most/best they can, and right now they have the world's brightest spotlight on them, so if ever it were to make sense to do any shows as LZ, now would be the time to strike while the iron is hot so to speak. but..... as far as keeping the integrity of LZ intact a one off show would be the most true to the band's legacy. Anything else could destroy the mystique of what was LZ and if the show was as good as the reviews, the DVD will confirm it and you will be able to watch it over and over for 29.95 No matter what happens I am hoping for one of the 2 extremes, new music, new tour, and years of LZ to come, or nothing more ever.
  3. yup- dont care for GS at all, they are rock n roll leaches, simple as that. nothin original, just distilling the best of groups that were very edgy or unique and dumbing it down to a wall of sound rendition of something that took talent to create
  4. Gadsmack covering good times bad times AND naming their best of cd GTBT is an amazing amt of audacity. WOW Zepp opens their one off reuinion show with GTBT claiming ownership of it and radio still plays the smack crap. the cover itself wasn't ruined by the band, the band tries to cover it as precise as possible and the vocalist has zero for a range, so it sounds ok musicaly, vocals are lame, but it offers nothing more than zepp ever did. when VH covered the kinks you really got me, they made a great song better when hendrix covered Dylan he made a great song better when zepp used various songs on 1,2, and so on, they took each song and put there own stamp on it, and made a great song Smack sucks. just as Guns and Roses did a exact replica of 'live and let die' adding nothing to it, sucksmack did a re-recording of GTBT and added nothing. just a cover like any local bar band trying to sound like the original If I were a radio station I would pull the sucksmack GTBT from the rotation after the 02 show by zepp. It is horrible how the suck band is trying to grab some $$ out of the zepp sound now they exhausted the Alice n Chains sound they based their 5 records on, and stole the name of their band from one of the AIC lyrics, that suck band makes me sick they are such disgustingly blatant rip off scheisters, YUK my .02 cents
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