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  1. Are they??? You have got to be kidding me! Oh my! He's even hotter now. I did not know that.
  2. I picked Rock & Roll, because it is one of the greatest rock songs of all times. It is one of those good fun just great rock song, almost like Rock & Roll went to the roots where music was just fun! Nothing to really think about. Don't think about issues, don't think about work, just don't think about anything. Just let your hair hang down and just have fun kind of song! It is IMO one of the greatest rock & roll songs of all time.
  3. His dark curly hair back in the day! When I saw The Song Remains The Same years ago now I just thought how darling it looked, and the passion he puts into his guitar playing. I want to say other things, but I don't think it is appropriate here LOL. But I'll just say, it makes him hot.
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