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  1. If that's how you feel. I think the point is it is entertaining to a lot of people and introduces new audiences to keep the legacy going. I thought the Queen movie was really quite good, its all subjective and there are huge audiences so can't be that terrible...
  2. The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan collection double lp. Funnily enough gave Physical Graffiti a spin yesterday and Ten Years Gone is awesome. I really like the sound of Jimmy's guitar in that, its different somehow, has a certain sound, I can't explain well but more of a sixties sound
  3. They were over seen by the respective artists. Therefore its somewhat their work? If Jimmy Page oversaw the project would you still dislike it?
  4. So I was wondering who could play the band members if there was a biopic made.... I so far have one actor that I think would be great as Jimmy Page. His name is Alex Lawther. I can't think of any for the others as yet...
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