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  1. Well the machine must have been broken on Wednesday when he forgot the words to a song
  2. I noticed that my order listing on Amazon UK for the BLU-Ray with DVD, has changed and lists the rehearsal DVD as being NTSC. I've cancelled my pre-order and ordered one that has the PAL DVD. I think maybe some of the pre-order links that were floating around might have been wrong. If you're ordering from Amazon UK. It might be worth double checking your order, otherwise you might not be able to play the DVD on your system.
  3. Already had tickets for the 17th. But it might be the last time us fans will get a chance to see the three of them together.
  4. Seetickets were the official ticket agency for the Electric Proms. When you clicked the on the link on the BBC website it went to one of seetickets servers. Unfortunately Seetickets website crashed and burned, failing to take my money and throwing me to the back of the queue. So I didn't initially get a ticket. However, I complained, something I don't normally do. But this wasn't the first time their system had failed to work. It always seems to collapses for popular ticket gigs. But even though it said it was sold out, some tickets were available because a customer service person phoned to di
  5. This is going to sound like nitpicking, so let me first say that I really enjoyed last night. It was good to hear Plant again. It was good to see him relaxed and enjoying his singing. I'm one of those fans that enjoy Plant's musical journey and would rather him sing this than sing with Zep without his heart in it. I thought last night Plant's voice was great. I also enjoyed the bit where Buddy Miller sang on his own. But if I'm honest I didn't care for the bits when Robert wasn't singing because it all went a bit 'country' - and I really don't like the country vocal style. But when Plant sa
  6. I should have read the opening message. If the pre-order opens on the 5th then the gig can't be the 5th or 6th
  7. God, I hope those dates are wrong. I'm seeing TCV at Brixton on the 5th and the 6th is the Semi-Final of the World Cup.
  8. Zep were filled with musicians. For me they're the most amazing band ever. But that doesn't change the fact that the Beatles had a more profound influence, not only on the 60s, but on the world. Lets face it, the Stones as muscians are better than the Beatles. But in Lenon and Macartney they have one of the best writing teams of all time. In every position Zep were better but despite this what the Beatles achieved musically is such an amazing legacy especially for a 'boy band' (which is what they really started out as). Just because Zep is my favourite band doesn't mean I can't acknowledge the
  9. Some Zep fan's in for a shock when their phone bill arrives! Not sure how they won. Thought the Beatles would (and should) win and I say this despite Zep being by favourite band ever.
  10. For me, that why the O2 Zep was Zep. There was a recognition that Bohnam was an integral part of the band. He couldn't just be replaced. Only his son could take up John's sticks, because only he knew what Zep meant to his father and his father to Zep. On the night, you had Jason bashing away at the drums honouring his father's spirit. John was very much part of the gig that night.
  11. Sweet name, my surname is Hudson too!

  12. There was a thread just after the gig, but there were several hundred 'corporate's' who didn't even know who Led Zeppelin were. You could tell who they were, they turned up in suites with their girlfriends/wife's in posh frocks. I don't know how Harvey two-face could turn around complaining about touts when he'd given 10% of the tickets away to corporate guests. Everyone I around me was there for Zep. The only reason to watch the other bands was to get in early so that you could get near the front. In fact the arena didn't fill up until Zep came on.
  13. Hi, Some more videos from last night. Where I was, there appeared to be some security staff trying to find people using cameras so they're not the best quality since I didn't want to make too obvious Black Country Woman When the levee breaks Fortune Teller Battle of Evermore (audio + slideshow) Overall the gig was great. Alison's and Plant's voice complemented each other so well and the band were really tight. The highlights were Alison signing 'Down to the River to Play' and obviously the Zep stuff. 'Battle' and 'Black Country Woman' were amazing, more so, s
  14. This was the first Zep album I heard. I had just got into stuff like Guns and Roses, Iron Maiden and Metallica and an uncle said I would like Zep. But the only album he could find was Zep III. What a shock. I really didn't like it. All the acoustic stuff and the 'Hats off' track just seemed weird. A year or so later the Remasters sets came out and I decided to give Zep another chance and the new CDs blew me away. The ironic thing was, that it was the stuff from Zep III that stood out the most. I assume that I'd mellowed in that year, but I suspect that Jimmy's arrangement of tracks across t
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