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  1. There is a great beauty in effectively only properly 'opening the box' just once in the past 32 years. Even Jimmy acknowledged the 'less is more' factor in an interview around the time of the O2 gig. There is even a great beauty in filming the entire gig and still not choosing to release the DVD yet. Robert said at the time there was a need to do 'one more great night' after several flawed and half-hearted reunions - and it happened. Why try and do another great night when in all reality they're not going to top the one and they've done. Musical legacy well and truly intact, and that night got them live gig of the year for 2007. End of.
  2. Sky Arts have just shown an excellent 6-part Python documentary featuring interviews with all the remaining members, and Terry Giliian and one other both confirm that Zeppelin contributed financially to the production cost. Michael Palin comments on Zeppelin, saying that he was very pleased with the fact they didn't want any input, and were just happy to let Python get on with it. Terrific stuff.
  3. The word 'Soundhog', and the exact symbol used in the mock-up album, is a cassette brand (for blanks) that dates back to the 60's. I'm way to young to recall them at the time, but my uncle and dad had several that have stood the test of time. They had a slightly different way of opening. Terrific mixes all the same. WLL seems to work well with several others. Indeed, check out the link below for WLL with James Brown's Sex Machine, another good one.
  4. The reason there are so many amateur/candid photos in the book is because so few photos of the tour were professionally taken. Many are from Dave's own collection. In many ways this only adds to the intimacy of the book. There's a lot of detailed dissection of each show, which can get a bit repetitve (but acts as an excellent reference vehicle), but for me the fan's "I was there" section of annecdotes is fantastic, detailing their personal adventures. Easily a must have addition to the Zepp bookshelf. It leaves no stone unturned in terms of the 1980 tour.
  5. This show could not have put the seal on their legacy more perfectly than it did, and we all know there was a lot riding on it (to get it right) and it was a HUGE deal to all concerned; band members, promoters, media, and fans. And they nailed it. I was lucky enough to be there, and having been too young to see them in their original four, this show has already provided a perfect closure to one aspect of my life (and I'm only 38!). It will forever remain the best gig of my life, though for some of you, maybe Knebworth or Earls Court eclipses it ?
  6. I was lucky enough to be there that night. I spent the afternoon with a mate in the Pilot Inn pub close by. I think I had 3-4 pints, but by late afternoon I went on to soft drinks as I wanted to have a clear head for the show. Right decision by a mile.
  7. In ref to todays pic of the boys, in connection to the John Peel session. I've seen a serious amount of Zep photos in my time, but I don't think I've ever seen this one before. Has anyone else clocked this one previously ? If so, can you name the book it appears in, if indeed it does ? Was it taken at the Playhouse session ?
  8. Considering Zep broke into the USA in late 68 and 69, I was disappointed that Episode 1 did not acknowledge this in any way (maybe it was because word of mouth was still spreading, and they weren't fully established). Hopefully Episode 2 will compensate for this
  9. It would have been around the spring of 1989. I'd started doing what all kids/teenagers ought to do at some point - dig out their parents record collection and see what still sounds good. The rack of vinyl that presented itself was (and still is) a good indication of the late 60's and 70's rock music scene. Included were Sabbath, Purple, Quo, Wings, Bread, Blood Sweat & Tears, Wishbone Ash, Walker Brothers etc. In amongst them was the Brown Bomber (LZII). Although I can't recall the exact moment, the very first Zepp sounds to reach my ears can only have been when the needle dropped onto the run-in and WLL kicked in. A great way to get started, and also at a fortunate time - the six years that followed saw a new wave of Zepp activity; Remasters; two London conventions (attended both), and the MTV Unledded (also attended). So for a 'just hooked' Zepp junkie, "it (was) the spring time of my loving . . ." 22 years on and the candle burns just as strongly, and always will. As a collective unit they're peerless.
  10. #1552 has just arrived (hooray!). Stunning, awesome, and beautiful - from start to finish, inside and cover/casing. With young family, I took time off work to avoid interruption). With a pile of CD's covering Jimmy's musical legacy to accompany me, I proceeded to lose myself in a 3-hour rock n roll haze Delighted with the book. Thank you Jimmy, and thank you Genesis.
  11. No, not received yet. Was told yesterday it'll be another 2 weeks. Not been told what number I am, but I didn't order until late August so I knew I'd have a fair while to wait. Am enjoying the anticipation, but am aching to see it ! Will post again here once received.
  12. Not yet received my copy, but am happy to continue to enjoy the anticipation !! It's been a long wait but I'm content in the knowledge that Genesis are doing a good job, and I've been told that I can expect delivery mid Feb. I've read the threads regarding accusations of bad customer service, but can only assume that these were born out of impatience and frustration, rather than any mis-information from Genesis. Chill out !! What difference does a few extra weeks make - half the fun is in the waiting !! I've had my order confirmed in writing, so am happy to look forward to it's arrival - end of. Judging by the recent comments, I know it'll be worth the wait. What's more I'm even planning to take a 1/2 day off work so fully savour the moment in isolation (when you've got young family you have to consider these things).
  13. I was told "second hand" of a guy who was wandering around the O2 before the show, offering and showing people £10,000 cash (from his coat pocket) to anyone who would give him a ticket for the show. Is there any truth in this ? Did anyone get approached by the guy ? Does anyone know if he got to see the show ?
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