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  1. When read in context with the question that actually precedes the answer, it seems like this is a pretty clear "No" to me. "AVC: Going back to Led Zeppelin, are you guys thinking of playing again? RP: I think we’re probably thinking about talking." In other words: "No. We are not thinking about playing. We aren't even currently talking."
  2. Jason's a great drummer. Lots of great drummers use double bass pedals. Like someone else said, no shame in that. John Bonham didn't use one...because he was JOHN BONHAM. Most people aren't. Bonzo could do things that most drummers can't. It's kinda unfair to get down on Jason. It's not "cheating". He's doing what most drummers do when they want to get that kinda sound.
  3. I didn't know that we were having a debate about which band had more "class". My bad. I must have been confused.
  4. This isn't a fair argument because the Stones have been touring pretty much consistently their entire career. If Led Zeppelin never stopped touring then the 02 show would not have caused the commotion that it did. If the Stones hadn't played together since 1979 and got back together for one more show this year, I'm sure it would be as big a deal if not bigger than the Zeppelin reunion.
  5. OK. So you agree with me. Awesome. (you'll notice if you actually read my posts that I never said The Stones were "better" )
  6. Actually, if you put a gun to my head and made me choose one, I'd probably go with Zeppelin. It's just annoying when you read comments on a board devoted to ANY band, because 95% of the people who post on it are incapable of any kind of objectivity. I'm assuming that with your "I'm a guitarist so I know that Zeppelin has more talent" comment you are implying that the songs are more difficult to play, thus making the person who wrote them more talented. 1. Difficulty does not equal talent. There's more to writing a good song than coming up with a tricky riff or great guitar solo. 2.
  7. Says who? It depends on your definition of the word "bigger". When I say "bigger" I mean more widely known. The Rolling Stones' music and the members of the band are recognizable to a larger amount of people. They are recognizable to people who have never even bought a record. Which I can't say is true for Zeppelin. Thriller has sold more copies than any Zeppelin album. Would you still be using the same "sales are the most important factor" argument if we were having a discussion of "Led Zeppelin vs Michael Jackson?" Since the tendancy around here seems to be to side with Zeppelin
  8. umm... based on the fact that they are obviously bigger. Get over the Zeppelin bias and actually think about it. Christ, people pretty much hear about The Rolling Stones from the moment they get out of the womb. They have more songs that are more recognizable to more people around the world, whether they are music fans or not. And not just recognizable as songs, but as Rolling Stones songs. I've read about The Rolling Stones in freakin' elementary school history books. The same can't be said about Led Zeppelin. There are people who if you said the name "Robert Plant" or show
  9. If I read one more person accusing someone of being "jealous" because they don't like Led Zeppelin I'm going postal. It happens all the time here and it's SOOOOOOOO STUPID. It doesn't make any sense. "they said something negative about Zeppelin? JEALOUS! JEALOUS!" Jesus. Some people don't like their music. Deal with it. What the hell does Keith Richards have to be jealous about? He's one of the greatest musicians in rock history in one of the greatest and biggest bands of all time. Yes, BIGGER than Zeppelin. Don't even try to argue with it, it's true. He's not jealous. He just d
  10. So much in this comment that doesn't make sense...I don't know where to start...
  11. My guesses: 1. Length 2. Difficulty 3. Page's finger (this was also my guess for why Heartbreaker was left out. He played good but maybe he didn't feel confident about these "showcases") Another thing that might shed some light on it...in one of Jimmy's recent interviews (although I can't remember which one or what the exact quote was) he says something about how ALS from Knebworth on the DVD isn't particularly good without all the extra guitars. I was pretty surprised by this because I think that's a highlight of the DVD, but maybe he no longer feels he can do it justice with just one
  12. I'm not so sure about Over the Hills...if he did it like he did from '73 onwards then he could do it (but I'm not particularly fond of it...) But in the original melody, no way. Also, Communication Breakdown isn't necessarily an impossibility. He often changed it around on nights where he couldn't quite hit the high notes anyway Take the way he sings it here for example: It's not the same melody that's on the album, but it still sounds pretty cool and this kinda melody is definetely within his reach these days I think...
  13. I'm with you. Overall I love what I heard, but these ones should be in the original key IMO Good Times Bad Times - I think it's a good opener and the energy and excitement of the show opening carries it through in a way. I don't think it sounded bad by any means. I just don't understand why they chose to downtune this one. Those E chords that open the song are so familiar, change it to D and you change the song. The thing that perplexes me about this choice is that it's not a hard song to sing. It shouldn't be anyway. Robert sings WLL pretty much perfectly and in the original key, this s
  14. It's kind of a waste of time to ask this question on either a Stones board or a Zeppelin board. You know what 99% of people will say and there is little to no objectivity. Zeppelin fans will say Physical Graffiti. Stones fans will say Exile. Just to break up the monotony here I'm gonna go with Exile. Now I'm thinking maybe I'll go over to the Stones board and pick Physical Graffiti... (truthfully...I don't know. Both would be somewhere in my top 5 favorite albums all time, but I don't feel like deciding where at the moment)
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