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  1. it ´s an absolutetely new way to introduce the bands story in a more than words can say way. Great work Roger. Grüßle aus dem Schwabenland mein Freund aus Berlin. Das hast Du super gemacht.
  2. müssen jetzt hier die deutschen Kollegen aushelfen??? This is number 2 from Achim. So do it, we will see it for sure. Roger, mir ist es angenehmer, Du verbrätst hier den Speicherplatz I´m just kidding a little bit in german, come on Roger, this is your threat. Show us your collection.
  3. just received one of the 1000 limited books over ebay and I´m really pleased. This is a really enjoyable book and it´s a real collectors item. Actually amazon offers one issue for 99$, I can not include the link, find it with searching the title, this is no problem If it´s over high priced, you have to decide for your own. Try to get another one and good luck.
  4. Hey alter Kumpel, wir hatten wegen meiner Namensgebung auf diversen Foren schon mehrere Diskussionen. Ich habs leider nicht geschafft, mich überall als Wind-of-Thor anzumelden. Ja, icke bins, wer denn sonst.
  5. what a fuckin article from the most important magazine at the time. Only one sentence to Stairway:" It´s one of the most beautiful songs". No comment Roger, für Dich auf deutsch, das ist wohl ein echt beschissener Artikel zu dieser Platte.
  6. No. There are only some known pictures inside. If you look for other french speaking books, I recommend Franck Roy "les annees metalliques". A really nice one!
  7. do you have any questions about this book? It´s in my collection.
  8. Nice hobby. Since 3 years, I also collect the books. Most of them are affordable and it´s nice to see the postman several times a week. Do you have a list of your collection? Perhaps, I can find some books I don´t know about. I composed my books here with some infos and photos. Actually, no songbooks or tourbooks are listed http://wiki.friendso...e=Bibliographie
  9. a good second place for us, anyway, thanks all for your assistance
  10. OK, the voting box is open. If you will immolate 10 seconds of your life, follow the link and vote for YOUR group. http://community.rmnradio.info/goodtimes_voting.php The german fans will appreciate highly. This duel is not a fast-selling item. Greetings from Germany Achim
  11. Hello zepfans not just another hit parade voting, no, a nice music duel between groups from the seventies presentated by Radio Good Times, the radiostation of a really nice music magazin. And the exceeding thing is, the selection of the songs is given in hands of the fanclubs. In the eighth final, we knocked Deep Purple with How many more times Whole lotta love Stairway Levee Kashmir In the quarter final, ABBA was our opponent and it was really closely. We played Whole lotta love Ramble on Battle of evermore Kashmir All my love And tomorrow the semi final against Creede
  12. this Photo is only the slipcase of the hardcover edition, the real book is visible in the ebay auction
  13. you can buy it at ebay in Japan. 2 years ago, I bought 5 of this books from him and made 4 friends happy. The seller has about 100 more copies and the price is really really fair. The hardcover edition is very hard to find and the price is immense. I´m glad to have both editions in my collection. http://www.ebay.de/itm/330381188155?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  14. back to the Question of this topic, there are 3 alternatives to the new "holy bible". Ross Halfin´s Photographers Laurance Ratner - Live Dreams deluxe edition with the 3-Dimensional Silver Relief Neal Preston - Photographs in a velvet slipcase so amusing books in very nice appearance. Some other books are named, a very nice photobook and a must have is Jason Draper s Revealed.
  15. perhaps, there is such a forum, so the admins have some work, i don´t found it. I´m looking for the "Best of 2 CD" in the wooden box. I will offer the Laurance Ratner book "live dreams" with the three dimensional silver relief in very fine condition. Otherwise I´m looking for a good copy of "the object". This is another opinion of changing collectible rarities. I hope, someone will contact me. Greetings No_Quarter29
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