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    LED rules all
  1. Well...it could be Bonham. Could be. If he was up for three days, was severely hung over, and had both his right hand and leg in slings. Then it could be Bonham. See..here's my problem. The record cover at this site. https://www.allmusic.com/album/on-the-road-again-mw0000584618
  2. From different sites, I see some that show Bonham played on two songs, while others show he played on only one. Seems to be confirmed he played on "Keep your Hands on the Wheel", but there are covers that show he also played on "Wings Over The Sea". Can anyone please tell me the rights of this? Why am I seeing an album cover that shows he also played on "Wings over...."?
  3. There are NONE that I don't like - all classic
  4. Just wonderful. There couldn't be a bigger news story for 2010, other then the reunification of LED itself. Gotta see Jimmy.
  5. The Beatles are king of Pop-rock; its LED that are the unequable/undisputable leaders of Rock
  6. Bonham. No one else can come close to this drumming master. Bonham to the drums is as Hendrix to the guitar.
  7. At 16 I heard "Over the Hills..." and I was forever hooked. LED rules all - no exceptions.
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