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    New Haven, Connecticut
  1. marygrace


    Happy and Healthy New Year to all! Let's hope that RP's resolution is to reconsider a tour.
  2. marygrace

    Rank Your Top 10 LZ Songs

    I can't decide order, but did the best I could. 1. No Quarter 2. How Many More Times 3. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 4. Stairway to Heaven 5. Your Time is Gonna Come 6. When the Levee Breaks 7. Whole Lotta Love 8. Immigrant Song 9. Houses of the Holy 10. Moby Dick/Bring It on Home (can't decide between the two)
  3. marygrace

    Music: A-Z Game... II

  4. marygrace

    What are you thinking right now?

    Thinking that it's Christmas Eve morning and I shouldn't be sitting here reading posts...and I should be getting stuff done.
  5. Each era past and present has had some pretty cool individuals... Past: Jimi, Morrison, Elvis (for his time) Present: Lenny Kravitz
  6. marygrace

    Where Are You?

    New Haven, CT
  7. marygrace

    Kashmir -over rated?

    I personally disagree that the song is overrated. All songs are interpreted differently by each listener. It's all a matter of preference. I don't always know what elements make a song very appealing or unappealing to me....but Kashmir has definite appeal to me. KASHMIR =
  8. marygrace


    Thanks for sharing this. Made me smile. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all, and here's to hoping that Mothership is under my tree Christmas morning I hope everyone and their families have a happy and safe holiday.
  9. marygrace

    Led Poisoning

    I could only probably narrow it down to favorite twenty or so.
  10. marygrace

    Best song off Houses of the Holy

    It's definitely No Quarter for me. One of my favorite Zep songs of all time. Can't really describe why...just has always really appealed.
  11. I learned Stairway to Heaven on the guitar from beginning to end along with many other songs in 1978 and STILL only remember how to play that one...and yes, I do play it anytime I go into a guitar store (despite their signs that say "No Stairway to Heaven") , and any other guitar I might bump into. Guess I must have played that one a million times!
  12. Thanks for the chuckle... I've done pretty much all of these...even if over a twenty five year span. And I ALWAYS sing the "does anybody remember laughter" part during the studio version of STH. I love it!
  13. marygrace

    Top song off of Zeppelin II?

    Favorite song? I'd have a tough time trying to narrow it down to favorite ten songs.....i love them all. BUT, if I am choosing from the II album, I would have to say Bring it on Home. Crazy riff.
  14. marygrace

    New York, New York?

    I'm just next door in Connecticut. Have car, will travel! (I secretly have my hopes up as well) Been waiting my life for the chance!
  15. marygrace

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    Yeah..my group (37-43) grew up listening to Led Zeppelin. Soundtrack of our lives for most of us, especially my high school years. Old enough to remember the last few albums coming out.......old enough to go see Song Remains the Same at the midnight show every Friday night.......but maybe a little too young to go see them live. I think that's why there's a whole lot of people in our age group on here. We're the ones that caught the tail end of the height of Led Zeppelin, but probably we're the most frustrated since we want the oppty to see them live. I can remember sitting in Spanish class in high school when I heard about the death of John Bonham and realizing I'd probably never have the chance to see them live. I still have hope I may get the chance...since I always thought the midnight show was as close as I'd ever get.