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  1. I have to ask, just when did they play Bouree by J.S. Bach? I love the Jethro Dull version, but I can only imagine how it might have been done by the mighty Zeppelin.
  2. Just because the Stones are out there doing covers of their latter day selves and big league-ing events like the concert for Sandy Relief doesn't mean Zeppelin needs to follow suit. I used to be totally destroyed that my favorite band (and coincidentally, the greatest band of all time) didn't reform for a tour that those of us who were too young to witness them prior to Bonzo's passing missed. But, not anymore. Don't villify Robert. He is right, even if Jimmy was so slow to recognize it. The 2007 02 show might just go down in history (and I know "history" might just be the worst tag that could ever be attached to a rock and roll band) as a seminal moment in the history of popular music. It was so good that it is hard to imagine an encore of shows that could possibly live up to it's energy and raw power. When you watch that show, even with the documented imperfections, the unfiltered energy was captured as if it was 1969 all over again. It is truly transcendental. Led Zeppelin has not been captured in a show like the one depicted on Celebration Day since it's inception in 1969. Hell, the Rolling Stones have NEVER done a show as good as that one in London, 2007. There is nothing left to prove. This epic band is who we are, and we are comfortable advancing into posterity as is. The life of it resides in the music.
  3. I love Aerosmith's cut of this song, and I think I heard the Yardbirds' version on a casette I bought in a retail store 25 years ago or something... one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time. I know Zeppelin would have absolutely KILLED it. If Robert, Jimmy, JPJ and Jason Bonham walked into a studio today and cut a version of this tomorrow, I am absolutely certain it would go platinum in a week and turn a lot of working stiffs into millionaires... warts and all. What a great song!
  4. I saw the movie tonight in Cincinnati, and it was absolutely phenomenal. The whole thing was awesome, but I would have to say the boys were at their absolute best in the series of five or six songs starting with Ramble On through In My Time of Dying. Tears came to my eyes in the middle of that set just seeing how tight they were, and how much fun they were having that night. I got the feeling that any worries they had brought into the gig washed away during that stretch of songs, and they knew they were squarely in the middle of something special and simply went apeshit with the feeling. Jimmy's playing was incredible, I expected that. But what surprised me a little bit was how well Robert Plant sang. Yes, he had to round off some edges and find his way a little differently on some of the more difficult notes. But, it worked in that moment and did not come off as a compromise at all. As an American, I was a little upset that we would likely never see them live in our country again. I thought maybe one more show in the States, if only for a nod to how big their success was here was in order. But, after seeing Celebration Day, they did it right. Robert Plant was right. A night of absolute perfection was captured for posterity, and it likely could never be this great again. I cannot wait for the Blue Ray release so I can so can start breaking this concert down over and over again.
  5. I was 11 years old. It was a snowy day and I was taking the bus to school, which was notable because I usually skipped school with that much snow on the ground. A kid on the bus told me what had happened. I didn't know Led Zeppelin from Pink Floyd at the time, though I did recognize Stairway and others tunes that were on the radio frequently. So, I don't know why it stuck with me until I became such a full-fledged Zeppelin fan a few years later. It may have had something to do with the number of times the news was repeated throughout the course of that day. I do remember that I couldn't understand why there was so much coverage about someone I had never even heard of before. Or, maybe it became frozen in time for me because it became a catalyst for wanting to learn more about the band. When I started purchasing albums and cassettes and realizing how magical the entire catalog truly was, I began to understand why Bonzo's death was so tragic to so many people across the world. It is a true cliche that you never forget where you were when something like that happens, but sometimes the reason doesn't become clear until later.
  6. I love the film. I have seen it a hundred times at least. The concert footage is tight. I love seeing Peter Grant in action. Robert's rotten teeth were so English, and when he talked about the "cosmic energy" and went "yeah!!!!.. Bash!" before the band transitioned into "Since I've Been Loving You" I felt I had really been backstage with the guys. Robert's fantasy scenes, especially the parts during the Rain Song, really hit home as far as what it means to have a real here and now for a particular chic. I don't know if it was love, but I am pretty sure it was enough that some fat castle guard wouldn't stand in the way. Sure, it was hokie. But, TSRTS was a lot more cool as hell. Que it up, I will watch again right now!
  7. Second only to Zeppelin would have to be either The Yardbirds or The Firm, wouldn't it?
  8. Phhhl

    GRAMMY Results

    Congratulations to Robert and Allison. I don't care about Grammy's, but they truly deserve the gesture for such a great album.
  9. The idiot singer from the Goo Goo Dolls opened an episode of an old VH1 music show with a celebrity panel by declaring that he hated Robert Plant. And, for some reason, before the show was over he said it again. I can vaguely remember anything about that show aside from that.
  10. Yer most welcome. I am sure there is better quality out there, but man it sounded great coming through those speakers.
  11. I downloaded 2-3 bit torrent versions of the show that I had to trash because I JUST KNEW they didn't capture the sound of the show. They all sounded like garbage, and I knew this was not garbage. Then, I went on youtube, and found this guy's stuff: http://www.youtube.com/user/vegheadnow Ok, so then I plugged my Wireless Transmitter into the headphone jack of my pc and pumped the feed into my surround sound system. I adjusted the volume on my pc to about 55%, and the Youtube volume to about the same. This left enough contrast between Robert, Jimmy, Jason and JPJ to hear everyone loud and clear. And, here is the best part, it didn't lose that contrast or become signifigantly distorted when I blasted the surround sound volume controls. And so, it is like I am sitting about 150 yards front row center at the show and rocking out to Led Zeppelin just as it might have been a year ago in person. I have seen a lot of regurgetated commercial crap from a lot of bands that I love that cannot compare to the amateur conditions I have created for myself tonight. I would advise anyone to follow my lead as an alchemical formula . It truly was a monumental moment in the history of music a year ago this week. Nobody sounds like that, nobody...
  12. I have come to the conlusion, and it was a long and arduous journey over the last year that got me here believe me, that Jeff is right. Let it go. Led Zeppelin remains so pure and pristine, as close to as new as the day it was born as any Rock and Roll band that ever cut a track. The love for this band exceeds all others. When I watched the Beatles doing their Apple Records rooftop gig at the end on Youtube the other night, it struck me how distant every individual was that day and how mechanical the music was. Brilliant, but somehow unsinspired. Watching the Led Zeppelin DVD beats the pulp of just about anything you can imagine or experience in real life in terms of cynergy, and the mere threat of the damage that could be done by trying this without Robert far outweighs what could be gained. I think Jimmy can move on to a different project with some or none of the cast we have been kicking around over the last year and still do some tunes from the Zeppelin catalogue. No harm, no fowl. But, there cannot be any kind of charade to tarnash the pure legacy of Led Zeppelin. I don't care who's fault it is that Zep can't come to Cincinnati, Ohio the way that it did to the O2 arena in 2007. Apparently, it can't, and I am at peace with that... I just want to see it kept the way it is... frozen in time as the greatest rock and roll band of them all.
  13. Knife, meet back. If Jimmy ever was his friend, he should never go ripping on him like that. The contempt in the tone of his comments ruin the credibility of what he is saying. And, who cares if JP enjoys watching soccer, fer chrissakes.
  14. This is great news that most people should feel good about. It never could be Zep without Plant, but it could still be a fantastic new project by some of the greatest musicians on the planet. All the baggage gets left behind, the mystique of the band is left intact and we get new music, and maybe a chance to catch the act when it rolls through town. Short of Robert changing his mind, I think this is the best news possible.
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