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    music: hmm, where to start? Zeppelin (obviously), Stones, Beatles, Cream/Clapton, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band (random, I get it.) the list goes on..<br />photogtraphy<br />painting<br />writing; journalism at heart. no poetry..wish I could though. the spanish language<br />playing piano<br />movies; far too many to name here.<br />traveling! anywhere I can go
  1. hey... I miss you!! come back soon

  2. I did read up on that because it was the closest looking one. Now that someone agrees, I think that I'll stick with it. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, a very happy new year to you! =] I was wondering if anyone out there could be of some assistance to me? I saw a random snapshot of Robert Plant on another site and he had a symbol on his shoulder bag that totally caught my eye- something is telling me I need to figure out what this means. If you have any info, I've searched high and low and could use a little help. Thanks guys! Here it is!
  4. That was the most real reply I've gotten. What a sweet message! I collect as much as possible, believe me. That alone consumes a lot of my time and small 16-year-old income. =] haha I look forward to finding new, uncovered stuff. If you find anything new, feel free to let me know! =] It will always be a good time to be a Zep fan. Thank you! =]
  5. The Mars Volta for sure! not so much Tool, I haven't really checked them out though. It'll be interesting to see if anything is remembered like Zep is. I hope so, like I can say in 20-30 years that I saw DMB in concert and my kid is still listening to them. I certainly hope so.
  6. hello..yet another one my age. happy birthday next tuesday. =] I did say most recent bands. I'm absolutely crazy about some newer bands..Rogue Wave, Coldplay, Dave Matthews Band. And sellouts exist in any music era, sure! Theres just never going to be anything like mighty Zep. I wish there could be..I feel like we're missing out
  7. you weren't joking, and I totally agree. Most of my generation's music is crap. Thats why I listen to what I choose to. =]
  8. Well..I guess I'll take what I can get. haha- I actaully like the Krauss/Plant stuff. But, there would be nothing like seeing Zep.
  9. someone my age? look at that! =] wouldn't let me reply to your post-thanks for the welcome!

  10. You're from London? I have family in Surrey. I plan to hop across the pond my self someday. =]
  11. Thanks for the welcome! I'm a bit new to all this. I would have to say I'm one of very few kids in my tiny town that are actually into the 60's groups but, it's all about being different. =] I'm not about that manufactured stuff..I like to hear the scratches in the music.
  12. I am a sixteen year old girl, daughter of two small town baby boomers. My father, born in '61, was at prime age during Zeppelin's reign. He has taught some of the most crucial of life's lessons to me through music, Zep being one of the main bands. Since I'm considerably younger than most fanatics, people tend to blow off my opinions. They underestimate my appreciation, even down right love for Led Zeppelin. I've watched bits and pieces of the reunion concert at London's O2 Centre (just the clips on YouTube) and am totally impressed. No, I wasn't around while they were at their height but, I do
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