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  1. Well happy birthday love! Have a nice one

  2. There is some bluesy rap songs. But my personal opinion is rap evolved out of mixing black, urban street poetry and... Disco. Rapper's Delight is considered one of the first rap songs. The beat is very Disco oriented.
  3. Lemmy's problem is his acknowledging the shitty rap that is on the radio. They use one sample and it's mediocre. Good rap artists (mostly the groups) use a collage of samples and manage to create something new. On Public Enemy's "Fear of a Black Planet" (one of my all time favorite albums) there are over 120 samples on 15 out of 20 tracks to create these sonic murals over the raping. It's infinitely, better than the sampling the Beastie Boys used on the overrated "Licensed to Ill", where it was a drum beat and a guitar riff. And even then, Beastie Boys next album "Paul's Boutique" uses over
  4. Right after Neil Young, these guys were the best music Canada ever produced. Sorry Rush fans...
  5. ?uestlove is the drummer for a rap/rock group called the Roots.
  6. A couple guys who deserved some love... Carmine Appice (The man is an amazing drummer and even more amazing person) Mitch Mitchell (Just imagine how good Jimi Hendrix had to be to outshine this guy!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS01e0ogmEc Art Blakey (Appropriatly titled "Drum Thunder Suite" for a reason...)
  7. It doesn't get much more unbiased than another country's news source...
  8. 1. Harder rock does not equal evolving taste in music. Look at the majority of death metal bands... would you call that evolving taste? 2. Talent is a good thing, but its not as valuable as people think. Bob Dylan doesn't play guitar or sing at a level above and beyond an average Joe with some music lessons. But he's one of the most influential and best known artists in history. Conversely, Asia was a supergroup with some the most talented musicians in rock music. Would anyone accuse them of being good? 3. Robert Plant has some great individual vocals, and that is unchallenged. But it
  9. If anyone likes rap/is at least open to it or is a fan of the Black Keys... you should check out the Blakroc album. Give it a chance. It's one of the albums that helped me get over my distaste for rap. There is good rap and the crap you hear on the radio. This is the good stuff. I promise.
  10. I was confused. I saw Motley Crue on the list and figured it was a worst of all time list.
  11. It would help if the radio stations I was near played anything other than Stairway to Heaven, Kashmir and Fool in the Rain on a regular basis. There are 80+ songs and live cuts too......
  12. Personally, I'm more interested in the other, far superior, bird-themed supergroup formed in 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vF8Hug8ISMQ
  13. I searched for a thread on these guys and I did not see one. And frankly, I was shocked. They are one of the greatest bands of all time, and probably the best band America ever gave to the world. The relationship between Brian Wilson and Lennon/McCartney always interested me. The greatest song writers of all time. Watching each band release albums that would be considered all time greats and seeing them manage on one-up each other. You can only imagine if SMiLE had become the album Brian Wilson dreamed it to be. And, speaking of SMiLE, I think we can all agree Brian Wilson has one of the most
  14. In order of how I found them in my library... At San Quentin- Johnny Cash Blakroc- Blakroc Check Your Head- Beasite Boys Fear of a Black Planet- Public Enemy In a Silent Way- Miles Davis In the Court of the Crimson King- King Crimson Kick Out the Jams- MC5 Live at the Star Club, Hamburg- Jerry Lee Lewis Moanin'- Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers My Arms Your Hearse- Opeth Pet Sounds- The Beach Boys Revolver- The Beatles Songs for the Deaf- Queens of the Stone Age Vanilla Fudge- Vanilla Fudge What's Going On- Marvin Gaye
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