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  1. Yum, if you have any extra sugar cookies left, sent them over to me, Mandy Very Happy Holiday wishes to everyone.
  2. Knowing he was not perfect and not afraid to admit his flaws, I really can sense an internal beauty from John Lennon, under the tough, cynical shell just thought about him around the Holiday Season, listening to Merry Christmas(War is Over)
  3. Jayne Mansfield also has an extremely beautiful daughter, Mariska Hargitay, from Law & Order: SVU
  4. But if that's not your taste, there's always the classic and extremely curvy sexpot, Jayne Mansfield
  5. Audrey Hepburn, icon of classy and sophisticated beauty
  6. Yeah, nothing immoral or wrong about drinking. It's just you don't need to get drunk to have a good time.
  7. I know that rape doesn't have to involve alcohol or drugs. I do know that using drugs can make you lower your inhibitions and just affect your mentality in a way that you become more vulnerable. This is why I personally avoid drugs because I don't want to let it affect me like that. [well except for alcohol, in which I know it takes time to learn to use it wisely]. I never said I could never get raped, I am just saying I don't want to become even more out of control in such a situation. Now just because I don't drink all the time, you think I lock myself up in my dorm room? I do avoid the party scene [where it seems to only revolve around alcohol] but that doesn't mean I can't hang out with my friends and have fun.[there are other fun activities to do besides drinking] I know you can use date rape drugs with water, but it does make it taste a strange way [when you drink water] and you feel something foreign or strange about it, so with water, it's a bit easier to know something strange is going on in your drink. When drinking alcohol, you expect to feel different because it's a drug in itself. I don't see myself as a trained animal. Maybe I said it in a wrong way, I only meant to say I enjoy one glass of beer or one shot of vodka as a way to relax from finishing something extremely stressful. Everyone has their own way of drinking, I don't see anything wrong with drinking a little to mellow out in some situations. The party scene is not my thing at all, if other people like it, it doesn't bother me.
  8. I know exactly how you feel and I have witnessed it before. I am in college right now, as a freshman, and alcohol is so easily accessible. [All I have to do is knock on the next dorm over] But I was afraid to drink heavily, not because of the alcohol, but because of the fear of date rape drugs. I don't know if that sounds rational, but that is what truly stopped me from drinking so much. But then again, alcohol, in itself, can be a date rape drug, so my point becomes moot. I even said to myself before going to college, "I will not drink at all in college." I was extremely wrong, but then I did find my limit as other people have mentioned. It came to the point in which I didn't throw up at all anymore and then it even came to the point in which I didn't have hangovers. Drinking in moderation is never a bad thing. A few drinks once a week won't do as much damage as drinking bottles and bottles everyday. I see a good drink [and only one glass] as a reward for working really hard. [like passing all the finals] or I see a good drink as a way to relax with friends I can trust in a mellow atmosphere [and that is like if I haven't seen a good friend in a while]. That helps me a lot. I got sick of the party scene very quickly, as men there are hornier than jackrabbits and I didn't want to deal with that anymore
  9. I am doing well. And thank you, I think those discoveries might help a lot of people, except it'll conflict with the last headline, lol. You rock on forever, as well.
  11. Wow, I can't believe some of the things said in this thread. How ridiculous the rape of a 13 year old child being reduced down to a "little mistake" But many people have defended the victim well. First off, rape is not a violent crime? This isn't a matter of statutory rape, it sure as hell seems like cut-and-dry rape to me, as described in the testimony. Rape is defined as a violent crime. You can commit violence without having to kill anybody. Well if she was 18, would you feel the same way? Of course I would! I am 18 right now and I sure as hell do not want to be in the situation that she was in. And I would definitely prosecute if I was in the same situation as her, 18 or not. If the night follows exactly as detailed in the testimony, I am just going to say......I cannot believe how some people are excusing it as "oh a mistake" The murder of his wife was so horrible. Of course it was, Sharon Tate absolutely didn't deserve that. But that, in no way, gives ANYONE the excuse to rape a child. If he is "mentally disturbed" by the murder, he still needs to be punished. Most rapists and serial killers claim to be "mentally disturbed," they still go through trial and receive some sort of sentence [like for example how Andrea Yates did] Leave Sharon Tate out of this, she wouldn't be too happy that a 13 year old was raped. He didn't commit rape again. Yeah, but he did commit it once, and he should be punished for that crime, whether it was 30 years ago or not. And if it happened exactly the way it was described in the testimony, then it seems like a lot more than statutory rape. If the truth isn't being told, that's a different story. Maybe there are loopholes in the justice system and I can't control that, 2 years taken off for this, 2 years for that, but he still deserves to be punished. I am not saying throw him in the cell with Charles Manson or anything cruel, but it's ridiculous to think he shouldn't pay some time for it.
  12. The funny thing is you would think older guys in college are more mature, but.....it's not too true. But luckily for you, there are less of them as they get older and you get older.
  13. Falling for a complete asshoe who makes you feel like crap, just for existing, and seemed to be kind and caring at....first and then begins to think you only have a [censored] and not human emotions and still feeling like crap, even though you know he's an utter idiot and you want to leave it at that. . . . . . . . . . . . . . at least, I recognized it before it was too late unlike last time. I definitely don't mind giving the stereotypical "nice guy" a chance, I don't know why they get such a bad rep.
  14. Thank you all who wish me well in college. What else made me happy? Awesomely good looking Romanian guy at college is getting friendly with me
  15. COLLEGE, COLLEGE, COLLEGE. first week as freshman no further explanation
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