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  1. http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/music/mali-mountain-hop-20130313-2g0ni.html Despite repeated requests for that band to reunite for a tour, Plant has resisted because, ''to actually pour forth into something beyond a special occasion is folly''. ''But, y'know, we're in touch quite a lot and when there's another special occasion, somebody'll tell me about it and I'll say yes or no. I'm certainly not against that idea as a hoot - providing it's fresh, exciting, riveting and so long as we're scared out of our minds.''
  2. Really?? Name one 77 show besides Seattle that Zeppelin had available.
  3. The 1977 gets criticized unfairly because of the disastrous 3rd leg (Tempe, Seattle, Oakland). During the 1st 2 legs there were far more good shows than bad ones. Of course you can point to 1 bad show in Chicago or a cancellation in Tampa, or if you're Nirvana you can make up stories about a riot in Boston that didn't happen or performances of Dazed and Confused that don't exist.
  4. Plant wasn't even on stage for that part. When Tyler sang the first line from GTBT, Perry said, "Pretty good."
  5. I thought he did a good job on Bring it on Home at the HOF.
  6. It has to be remembered that even though their album sales weren't the highest here, they were always a huge live band. From 5 nights at Earl's Court to half a million people seeing them in Knebworth I don't remember anyone drawing larger crowds. Whoever wrote they were scared to play any UK dates in 1980 doesn't know what he's talking about. Chances are they ignored us because the previous year they played to such huge crowds at Knebworth.
  7. You think they were a band when they negotiated to play the O2?
  8. Sales is the most objective way to measure who is bigger and when 1 band has sold more albums AND has bigger tours, they're the bigger band. I couldn't care less, I love the Stones and Zep equally. I'm just telling you the way it is. Zep dominated in a way the Stones never will. As for Michael Jackson, Thriller was a bigger album than any Zep album, but Zep was a bigger group.
  9. The 2 most important factors are album sales and ticket sales. Zeppelin was only around for 12 years and still managed to outsell the Stones almost 2 to 1. They're tied with the Beatles as the only 2 groups with 4 Diamond Awards. The Stones have 1. When both groups were touring, Zeppelin consistently outsold them. After beating the Beatles record, Zeppelin broke their own records. If Zeppelin were to tour today, it would be the biggest tour of all time. For all the publicity the Stones generate, they've rarely been able to lay claim as the top group in the world. The Beatles ruled the
  10. http://www.pollstar.com/news/viewnews.pl?NewsID=9078
  11. Jason got the call because of his name, but if he wasn't so good in rehearsal they probably wouldn't have expanded the set to 2 hours or even considered a tour.
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