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  1. Thanks to everyone who is providing these clips!! Much appreciated.
  2. I understand completely. You're just being honest about the house sound, which can make or break a show. I feel for you. Fans with good ears, sensitive to the nuances of sound and tone are often victims of this. BAD sound production into the house is the curse of most bands. The bands put their hearts into every note, but the fu**king deaf soundmen destroy it for the audience! Of course, the band has absolutely no idea what is going on in the house with sound, as it's a completely different world of sound onstage. I feel for you and the pain of many bands who've been victimized by DEAF SOUNDMEN AND ENGINEERS!!! I curse you deaf soundmen of the world! And, I hold in highest esteem the handful of good soundmen out there.
  3. No question by me that Jimmy Page is the single greatest living guitarist. We were talking about bands as a whole when not putting Zeppelin on top of that list. But again, I never thought for a second Page wasn't the best that there is, and certainly don't need any convincing of it personally. Page is IT. Left of Heaven and just right of Hell (via Crowley)...
  4. Zoso88, with complete respect, you must have a lot of time to kill with your consistently verbose writing style. I really can't allow myself that much time for this, but want to comment. One can go about detailing all the reason why or why not this or that with whatever sophistry or reasoning, and I don't personally think that your assertions are well grounded. The bottom line is that without Elvis (and Scotty Moore) there would be no Led Zeppelin, no Beatles and none of the myriad Blues-Rock greats of '60s - '70s England and America. Now the Beatles are indeed more about Melody and Harmony, while Zeppelin is much more about atmopshere, swing and groove. The Beatles clearly come out on top from a strictly melodic and harmonic standpoint in the long tradition of Western music, as well as, a much broader scope of influence on others than Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin's song writing is sometimes highly creative, but that is not what makes them great. It's Zeppelin's execution and feel that put so much effect into the music, not the song craft, for Whole Lotta Love is as great or greater than songs like Ten Years Gone, Achilles Last Stand, etc. Further, great music has nothing to do with complexity and absolutely nothing to do with analysis and cognition, but rather intuitive emotive impact. Jimmy Page knows this - all his songs came out of emotion and not theory. The greatest music has to do with transendental simplicity. Anyone can write complicated music and mysterious lyrics - there's nothing to it. However, write a simple theme like Bach's Air in G or Hey Jude - timeless melodies that impact every listener profoundly - that is true musical artistry. Each of these acts is sublime, of course, but with all things considered, it has to go as follows still for me. With each act following down the list being an ever so slight cut below the rest... 1) Elvis Presley (mainly '54-'56) 2) The Beatles 3) Led Zeppelin
  5. Hello, Tyedye. Absolutely correct. Funny you mention that about Elvis - I was indeed going to write 1) Elvis Presley 2) The Beatles 3) Led Zeppelin ...but just mentioned Zep and Beatles, since I thought going back that far would confuse things for people, as most do not understand the incredible virtue of Elvis, for they don't know his earliest song catalog well enough (or at all) and judge him on later years work. What Elvis did from '54-'56 laid the majority of the foundation of Rock. Guess I'll put all three out there now.
  6. Thanks much for posting this info! I'll be going in Chicago Tuesday for sure...
  7. Oh man - IMO The Who is not in the same league musically as The Beatles. Jimmy Page allegedly would agree - interestingly I'd read and heard from others that Page practically cannot stand The Who. Though, I do personally think that Keith Moon is a KICK ASS drummer - one of the finest in rock. One really needs to understand the history of rock music to truly know how great The Beatles are. Though their music alone makes it all clear to me. The vast majority of the greatest rock bands will cite The Beatles as their main inspiration. No other bands even come close - except LED ZEPPELIN that is.
  8. 1) The Beatles 2) Led Zeppelin ... the two greatest rock acts in history in that order.
  9. Stairway to Heaven is a particularly universally great song. I can play that song for ANYONE of any age, culture or experience and it is loved by all. Little kids who have never heard the song all love the opening arpeggio as if it was encoded in there genes.
  10. Wow - the archive here is even better than I thought. I'll have to take a closer look. Thanks for the info. -Mike
  11. I LOVE that pic of Jimmy! Where did you get that one, Zoso56??
  12. My friend, Huw. Kindred spirits think alike - I guess we both signed up here the first day possible. Things are going well - thanks. We've added some stage production and have a lot in the works with bookings of 2008, so this should be a big year, especially with our inspiring greats Zeppelin back on the touring scene! What's keeping you interested relating to Zep these days? Best, -Mike
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