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  1. Thank you so much you all. It would be nice to make one of these for Bonzo's family...gosh it breaks my heart he's gone.... Anyway - I'm really glad my dedication sounds alright to you shambolic. It drove me nuts for months trying to formulate it. What on earth do you say to JIMMY PAGE on behalf of all his fans?? Well that was my best attempt....
  2. ...well, here I am again with yet another project, and again I am hoping many of you Zeppelin fans will be willing to help. I got to thinking that I would love to do something special for the 40th anniversary of the formation of the band this year, and I thought a charity event would be good, seeing as Zeppelin gave us so much, giving something back in their name sounded just the thing! I love looking at people's memorabilia they have collected over the years, and I thought the public would enjoy it to, so I called Knebworth House and asked if they would be willing to donate the use of a room for an exhibit of Zeppelin memorabilia for charity, and they said yes! So now me and the people who have agreed to work on this project with me are all busily seeking out memorabilia to display and working on the event. It will run from August 1st until September 3rd. It will be open every day to the public, so everyone who comes to the house will see it. We are looking for just about anything (except bootlegs) that you have collected of Zeppelin that you might be willing to loan us for the period of the exhibit. Our space is not a huge one, so we may not be able to use everything that is kindly offered, but please let us know what you have. All the details of insurance, storage, handling and security will be sent to you on request. The exhibit will be held in the library of Edward Bulwar Lytton, of whom the owner of the house tells me Jimmy is a fan. It's a beautiful room and I feel very privileged to have the use of it, so if any of you would like to have your memorabilia in residence at Knebworth this summer, please contact me or harlequin, who is also working on this with me. You can ask here in the thread or send private messages if you'd rather. It is not just memorabilia we need, all donations toward the event expenses, ideas, or any other way you feel you might contribute will be greatly appreciated! There will be a private reception in the house prior to the event opening to the public for all those who helped in any way, and I really look forward to meeting some of you there. Thanks!
  3. ^ It's a great name - your grandma must be really fun. My grandma just called me Doll Face...lol... Oh these are so interesting - I knew I'd love this thread. It's great to see how creative people are!
  4. Ahahahaha...Logan I love that! You really had me going there with that first story....
  5. Gosh I hear about feelin old! But that is a great story! I had a friend in high school that was forever playing BD too - he would do air drums instead of air guitar to it. I was the only person that wanted to ride in his car with the continual Zep playing - everyone got tired of it except me!
  6. So fun that even your parents called you Maureen! Is that your pic in the avatar? You do remind me of her - especially all that really pretty hair! Haha...a bass player called wanna be drummer - fantastic story! Glad you didn't change it, it's really fun especially knowing why you are called that.
  7. I have been reading with utter fascination the usernames people choose, and I would love to hear the stories as to why people chose them and for some of them, what they mean! Even if yours seems fairly obvious, do tell why you picked it anyway. Mine is fairly obvious, but here is the story behind it... I've been a fan of Jimmy's since I was 8 and have always been called various nicknames involving Jimmy, but one year I happened to be in a drama production cast as an angel, so of course owing to Jimmy's 'angel with a broken wing' comment, I picked up the tag Page's Angel, which has stuck since then. Somewhere along the line the 's dropped off, hence PageAngel. So there you are - anyone else care to share?
  8. Zeppland thank you. You know, someone mentioned the book for Robert to me last year when I first started to make contacts with fans, but they didn't know the outcome. Did you complete it? I'd love to know all about it. It was such an experience doing this book for Jimmy, and I'd love to know your experience of doing one for Robert. Yeah it is a difficult project to take on to say the least! I am fortunate because I only work 2 days a week and I was able to completely fling myself into this and work on it like a full time job. I think if I had not been able to do that it would have taken me a lot longer to finish, if at all. It really required that much attention. LOL....I hear ya that Jimmy is just a man, but heavens above...he's quite an extraordinary one!
  9. Hi Virginia! I'm glad you like the book and like you, I can't wait to hear about his reaction to it. either. We just have to wait until he's done globe trotting in the next few weeks...gosh it's nerve wracking all this waiting! I decided to drop off the book earlier than I would have because I have builders in my house and they are making such a mess with dust, and trooping around everywhere, and I was worried about the book, so I felt it would be safer in a place that wasn't a building site!
  10. Sorry Ev, as amazing as your message is, I figured I better put the dedication on page one. I won't be at the presentation either, so if you fly over we'll have to gate crash I guess! I will call - we have things to chat about. Email me your number - harlequin is sometimes not around on the weekends. And thanks again to everyone that keeps saying such nice things about my little gift for Jimmy. You all have made me feel much more confident about it after all the fretting I have done over the past year with one detail or another, or things going wrong, and last minute disasters... You all are really sweet.
  11. Sorry but I didn't take photos of the inside because people didn't want their messages on the web in public. I'll describe the inside for you... As you open the book, the inside is black suede, and Jimmy's symbol is embossed black on black on the left lower corner. The first page is suede too, and then the dedication is printed on vellum mounted on the background page. The dedication says: To Jimmy Page, the creator of music and dreams Jimmy, you have made countless millions of people around the world so happy with all the music you created. This book contains the thoughts, the memories, and the thanks from some of those people. We are grateful you shared yourself with us, and appreciate the personal cost involved in that process. Fame must make your life hard in so many ways, but we hope the love of your fans will be some compensation for the toll that being as famous as you are must take on your life. May all your days be filled with happiness, and whenever those days come that are not, think about us, and smile, because you make a difference. Happy birthday from all of us. 9 January 2008 Then the messages start, and they are printed in the font they came in on ivory goatskin paper. So you have different fonts on each page. The paper is A3 size and mounted on snow white 50% cotton paper. The edges of the white paper were left rough, but since the paper has such a high cotton content, it feels really soft. The messages from the children under 12, as well as my message, are printed on a different style goatskin paper that has a leather grain texture and is slightly darker. The artwork made it into the book after all, so it is at the back, and then the photos of the book being made fill the rest of the pages. It has it's own box to keep it in, which has Jimmy's symbol in gold on the lower right and the inside of the box is suede too, again with his symbol embossed on the inside of the box. So that's how it looks. Harlequin has seen it, so you can ask him what the messages were like. They are just like what you would expect a book to be really. Pics of the outside are on Terry's website: bookarts.co.uk
  12. There's probably no need to check the thread now for a while. The book won't be with him until the end of February, so it's a few weeks to wait. When he picks it up I have asked the person giving it to him to let me know if he seemed to like it. As soon as I hear I will tell you all what his impressions were. You can trust me that the messages are representative of everyone. I made sure they were because I knew so many would want to say something to Jimmy if they could and wouldn't get the chance so I covered all ages (youngest 5 oldest 80!), all countries I could, (every region in the world is represented), we have teens, families (I had a whole family of fans write in who all loved him - mom dad and son), college kids, musicians, and even artists who sent in pictures they drew instead of a message. I also got 3 people to write in what it was like for them to be at the 02 show, and one from a fan who missed out as to how it felt to watch it all unfold in the news and not be there. I tried to cover everything because when you make a document like this, it's much better if it has lots of variety. It was an easy task because I really admire Jimmy and enjoy his fans - I loved hearing how excited they were talking about how he affected them because he affected me too. It's just a 'Thanks Jimmy we love you' from ordinary folks. It's the kind of thing people tend to do after a person is gone, but it's better to tell them now how much you appreciate them. I think it is one of the most important things you can do for someone, to show them that they have made a difference. And wow, did Jimmy make a difference in the world. He is very loved.
  13. I can't wait to hear either Lady Raven - I asked if the person giving it to him would please just let me know if he liked it. I had to show him a few things that Jimmy will need to know about handling it, so he will have to spend a few minutes chatting about it to show him. Oh I am just hoping for that smile!! Please God just one!!! Oh dear though...Archmagician, if he shows up I am afraid you will never hear about it because after he leaves I will just quietly pass away.... People who got to see the book did like it. I met a couple of friends in London before I turned it over so they could see it, and they really liked it. I miss it now. It was whole year in the making so it feels like a big part of me is gone. Mostly I miss finding and chatting to his fans. Gosh what super, super people. Jimmy fans are really special and I loved corresponding with them. Thanks myledzep - it didn't feel much like work putting it together. It was too much fun to be like work! Gee, do you think anyone would pay me to chat to Jimmy fans for a living? I'm really good at it!
  14. Thanks so much, you're all very kind...but don't be saying Jimmy is lucky to have me as a fan...no no no...There are plenty of amazing fans out there, I'm just one of millions. I'm the lucky one - to have his beautiful playing to listen to and be inspired by is beyond words wonderful! It's been the one constant joy in my life since I was a little girl and has made me hugely, hugely happy. The book was dropped off in London today with the person who will be giving it to him. As I understand it, he should have it in a few week's time. I will let everyone know as soon as I hear anything. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that he likes it.
  15. Thank you Rjk - but goodness save all that bowing for Jimmy!!! Really this book is just like a grand version of a birthday card that lots and lots of people signed - he's the one that deserves the admiration.
  16. Thanks harlequin, it is quite something to see for real, isn't it? I am glad a few of the people who contributed got to see it before it gets handed over to the person getting it to Jimmy on my behalf - and on behalf of the over 600 other people that contributed! tydye, it's nice to hear your encouragement. I said this before but it really does help hearing all these nice things people here are saying. Giving a gift to a person as amazing as Jimmy Page is nerve wracking anyway, and it makes those nerves worse when people make you feel like you've done something wrong. I know not everyone will think this is a good thing to do, and I respect their opinions, but of course it is really great when people appreciate it and say so. Thanks.
  17. No no...thanking Jimmy is what this is all about! He did all the important stuff.
  18. Gosh I remember this like it was yesterday. I was in high school, and I had come in from being out with a group of friends. The first thing I always did was switch on music when I came home - radio or a record, this time I put the radio on. It was just background noise that I wasn't paying attention to when I suddenly heard, ".... of the rock band Led Zeppelin has died" in the news roundup. Immediately I thought it was Jimmy, and I was so shocked I fainted. Dead away. When I came around I ran to the phone and called my friend to ask who it was, and when she said it was Bonzo, the tears just started and we cried on the phone for a long time. I knew it would be awful no matter who it was. Even though we didn't know them, because of all that their music meant to us and had accompanied us through, they felt like family, and it hurt. I was devastated when Zeppelin disbanded and they all disappeared. It was the right thing to do, but it still felt like the end of the world. As they each began to reappear it felt wonderful, especially when Jimmy finally surfaced. That was like the sunshine coming out after a long dark scary night. It still hurts, but unless I think about it too much, Bonzo never feels gone. He's permanently there drumming away! I just know he's waiting for us all to get there and preparing everything as Zeppelin surely will be the house band in heaven!
  19. Oh it was you then - I couldn't remember the name of the person from Norway I asked to do the Norwegian. Yes, you are definitely in the book! I thought it would be nice to have people write in their own language if they didn't mind, but some people didn't want to. Still, I have Russian, Georgian, Croatian, Hebrew, Portuguese, French, Italian, German...too many to list really. It looks super. Thanks again for sending in the Norwegian!
  20. Thanks Baroness, Prince of Peace, zengac allthekingshorses...you guys are making me feel so much better about the whole project. I am so very happy people like it. I did get quite a lot of negative comments that hurt, but I carried on because I still believe even celebrities enjoy being thanked. Thanks seems to be a dying thing these days... Oh brspled, I wish you had sent a message. Nothing that anyone wrote was silly. How can it be when it is from your heart? Even something as simple as what one lady wrote, "I don't know what to say I just love you for all you gave" is very touching. Henrik...are you the man who sent your message in Norwegian for me? I had 3 or 4 messages from Norway, and that message that was in Norwegian is the most memorable one for me. It looks lovely in the book with the Norwegian above the English translation. I have about 15 or so other languages in the book, and it is anther thing which makes it special.
  21. You are very welcome manuforte. It really feels like all his fans are in the book in spirit. Fans of all ages, (one fan was 5 and her mom wrote what she told her) from many different countries, and in all types of situations wrote in, so it really represents everyone who has wanted to thank Jimmy for all the music he shared with us. He made a big difference to a lot of people and I think he'll be amazed when he reads these and sees just how much of a difference he actually made. I read all the celeb tributes to him when he got his Living Legend Award, and I was so glad that all of us ordinary fans have a say somewhere too! We don't get to be at all these ceremonies and say our thanks, so now we have a grand setting where our thoughts are recorded, and I guarantee this record will outlast the others by several hundred years.
  22. Nicole - oh yes, you're in. From Toronto...I remember. I don't know what you wrote either, but your message came in the same day as I was making a count of the countries and I noticed another one from Canada. Canada is well represented in the book.
  23. Let's hope it makes Jimmy do the same! I'd die a happy woman to know I was responsible for one smile on that lovely man's face.
  24. If anyone who sent in a message wants to know if it is in the book, you have to remind me at least how you signed it. I don't remember anything signed songbird. Is that how you signed your message? Now Evster, you I definitely remember because you signed your message Evster. You're on page 3, at the top if I remember rightly. I posted a link to pics - did you not see them? Go here: http://www.bookarts.co.uk/examples.htm That's the book binder's website.
  25. Your poem helped me remember, not too many people sent poems in for the book, so it makes them easier to remember.
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