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  1. Trying my hardest to get tickets for Iron Maiden on March 16th at the Air Canada Center. Going to the Foo Fighters w/ Against Me! the week after though! Can't wait!
  2. Saw them at the ACC in October, 5th row. Fun show, songs were still great, and Eddie was on fire. But give me a fucking break. I've listened to numerous bootlegs of this latest tour, and every show is the exact same, and I don't mean just the set list, I'm talking about ALL the stage banter, it hasn't changed since the tour started.
  3. ...I'm totally in love with "Sticky Fingers" these days. Fuckin' tight record.
  4. Big Jimi fan right here. Everyone should check out the new Jimi at Monterey DVD, we all know why the performance is so important, but on top of that there's great documentary parts on the disc, alot of nice little facts.
  5. I love Dylan's music, more so the early stuff though. Not a huge fan of the post 70's stuff. Don't know if this already came up, but there's a new film based on Dylan called "I'm Not There". Just saw it the other night and I have to say I was blown away.
  6. I'm 18. First discovered Zeppelin last year sometime. First thing I was introduced to was the DVD, fell in love with the acoustic set at Earl's Court, and everything changed.
  7. ...I smoke alot of pot...I hope I never do anything else. I don't want to, but there's always that mysterious feeling of "anything could happen". Sends a shiver down my spine.
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