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  1. well said, well written. BUT I chose to show and play what i did. Shot almost 3 hours edited down to 16 minutes! And though i did not show it, i assure you--I have written hundreds of songs and many, many show the seeds of LZ sprouting into a strange new plant (no pun intended). My collection (BTW) is far more vast than what i showed-notice all the edits in mid collection displaying? and LZ's effect is far beyond the music I've written, it is in my soul. And had i saved the buckets of tears from 9/25/80 on, I could irrigate the Sahara into a garden of sadness and beauty. And la
  2. I'm actually kinda glad the web wasn't around in the 70s can anyone imagine the posts of every release, concert.. Even my head would explode. ; )
  3. I was there pre and after party at the Indigo2 chatted with Noel Gallagher about music and Siddy's match that day and mostly took in the crazy happening of celebs and big wigs and got a lot people free drinks with my all freebie wristbands... I had I think four of the bleeding things on. I had all access all freebies...
  4. My seats were row N on Pagey's side a decent view to be sure. But when i saw them in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975 an 1977 I was never further back than eight row. Hotel was in the Docklands area with a window view of the 02. I moved to a temp place until my career gets a cardiac restart. ; )
  5. Hmm.. maybe I DO have "it" I could only show a small little bit of my collection . On fact back in 1997, in the early days of AOL chat rooms, etc, I gave away two huge bins of posters and memorabilia to two people who wrote me excellent essays to try to thin out my collection a bit but... it kept growing!
  6. Magic In Theory and Practice (Crowley's Book IV) is a book not used in his school. But Pagey read it. He also read the Pyramid texts. The Ultra-radical surgery subject is most doubtful because he was in ART college. Though he previously studied basic biological research. ; ) cheers
  7. Congrats to you on winning your trip. You really deserved it. Your vid was creative and funny. Thank you so much for sharing the link with us!

  8. I was clean but as I stated, at that time, i was all boxed up to move. with all bad news in my life at that time, the trip was a rare delight. cheers
  9. Yep, I was at the pre-party and after-party and didn't sneak up to the VIP balcony. Though I had a nice short chat with Noel Gallagher. I can't add much to the descriptions of that beautiful, emotionally powerful night that others haven't already, but often I wish i could sweep these boards clean of rumour and outright un-truths about our lads. Oh about this WBLZF? Here's my winning video that took me to the 02.. I was limited to a 100MB file size so I couldn't show even an inth of my collection trivia or LZ songs I can play... Enjoy http://www.ziddio.com/oneVideo.zd?dispatc
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