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  1. Maybe best band of its time and genra. I mean they are INCREDIBLE, but there is also best metal band, best sycadellic band, etc. Yes, it seems that Zeppelin touches every genra very well, but i'd have to say there is too many bands and too much talent out there.
  2. Jess

    Where Are You?

    A sad little town in New Mexico, USA; where only great music like Zeppelin, brings life.
  3. Really? well thanks! i will look into that and study it some more. 8D
  4. I'm caught in a trap of mind, I mean, imagine how many concerts they would have to do across america! cuz they definately cant do just one. the tour alone would probly kill them. but then nothing would make the lives of their fans more complete than just to see them perform! Oh God give them the strentgh!!!
  5. I voted $100-500 because thats all I have, so that's my life savings, all to see Led Zeppelin!!!!
  6. This is my overall most favorite album of all of Led Zeppelin's work. EVERY song is AMAZING. One that is definately up there is No Quarter, though.
  7. I'm 17, been a fan since I was 9. I think there isn't a lot of older people here cuz they dont really use computers. And the majority of the old people that I've envyed cuz they've actually been to a Zeppelin concert, dont remember cuz they were all on drugs, haha. but I just dont think alot of them apprecite it anymore or have just grown out of Zeppelin. What ungrateful jerks anyway!!
  8. I vote Thank You. When a song makes you cry, you know its good.
  9. WHAT!? "And Justice For All..." was like one of the best and deepest of Metallica's work! Sure, Saint Anger licked balls, but yah. Zeppelin and Metallica wouldn't be a good mix, maybe if Zeppelin went first and then Metallica for the pumped up finish.
  10. Thanks!! Thats all I needed! I just got confused on who Plant meant by "He" and stuff in the song. Just didn't know the history of it.
  11. How could you ask that!? There is no way to limit it to one if your a real music lover. A better question would be 'Top 20 of Led Zeppelin' which would still be hard.
  12. To All The Led Zeppelin crew, gone or still rolling, You Have Touched My Heart. I grew up with my parents blasting your rythems into my brain. NOw that I am 17, I can only appreciate YOu more. You know a band is more than a band when there songs, happy or sad, bring a tear to your eye and flood your vains with spirit. IF only I was born in the 60's, where I may have the chance of seeing you live. I am proud to be a fan of such talent, and to know how diverse and awsome You all are. To everyone and everything that made Led Zeppelin possible
  13. This song (along with '10 Years Gone') has been haunting me, so I looked up the lyrics to try and find out what it's trying to tell me. After studing it, I found that the meaning is really hard to interpret, as is several if not all of Zeppelin's songs. Please help me out! 8D
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