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  1. charlton

    A list of the best Zep photo books?

    I need a list of some books that have great pictures of the band. Looking for somthing for the coffee table.
  2. What's up with the bulge dude. Is that a pair of Fruit of the Looms down there?
  3. charlton

    Video from 77 tour

    I am watching the Over the Hills video that came out in the early 90s with the Boxed Set. There is some footage from what looks like the 77 Seattle show. Does this video exist anywhere in bootleg form worth watching? Any 77 tour stuff worth watching? I am a real fan of the 77 tour except for the tragic loss of Karac.
  4. Since the 02 gig, I have gotten back into Zeppelin not that I ever really left ). In high school, I had every album, a lot of boots on cassette, some VHS of Denmark 69 and Knebworth, and a few books. The books I read where Hammer of the Gods, Stairway to Heaven, and my favorite was a book by Neal Preston titled "Led Zeppelin, Heaven and Hell". This was an excellent book with great pictures and great info. Oh, I also had a book by Luis Rey (spelling?) called Led Zeppelin Live, which had just about every Zep show's set list and reviews of available boots. What is the best picture/text book of quality about Zep, since my books from high school are long gone.
  5. charlton

    Over The Hills And Far Away on TSRTS DVD extras ROCKS!

    I think Robert's vocal was starined on TSRTS version, but the band does gel better than HTWWW.
  6. charlton

    What are your favourite live Plant vocal highlights?

    This is weird but I had a Destroyer Boot Cleveland 77 and his vocal during a line in Going to California was wicked with an effect during the line "I'll meet you up there where the path runs straight and hiiiiiiiiiiiiighiiiiiighiiiigh (something like that ). The part where he sings "high" had some reverb effect that was quite cool. Might I add I was also high at the time .
  7. charlton

    "Attic Of The Gods" on XM LED

    I have the same question. I heard a live soundboard of ALS on XM59 the other day not knowing the concert or source. Where are these shows coming from?
  8. Where was the 77 video from on the 2003 official release by Page? It is on the second disk under the promos section. Where was the footage shot? There are multiple cameras, very pleasing, but low quality. There is even an audience pan at the beginning and looks like a good crowd.
  9. charlton

    Led Zep Most played Song Live!

    I would say WLL. From late 69 to 79 (can't remember if it was on the 1980 set list), it was played. Hat's Off to Roy Harper is one of my favorite Zep tunes! : )
  10. charlton

    Summer 1970 to summer 1972 NA tours

    Oh, did I mention I was partial
  11. charlton

    Summer 1970 to summer 1972 NA tours

    I have listened to shows from most of the tours, but I never have listened to any of the 1971 US tour and 1975 US as well. I am partial to the good shows from the 77 tour since I really like TSRTS as an opener, plus the sheer might of that tour with the stadium gigs that broke all records. Kashmir is my favorite of all Zep tracks, so I am partial to the 77 tours (haven't heard any 75 shows though, except Earls Court on the 2003 DVD. Oh, I like the acoustic set on the 77 tour as well. TBOE and BCW are a couple of nice additions. I really liked the early shows for the playing quality, just partial to the 77 tour set list.
  12. charlton

    Zep at the Rose bowl

    University of Tennessee's band plays the Immigrant Song during football games. The horns do Robert's wailing part. When I was there at school, I would always point out at the games, "That's Zeppelin". Pretty awesome.
  13. charlton

    Into to Cannabis

    Ok, one of my best early childhood memories was slipping to the side of the house, getting a couple of hits of some local smoke, and going in and listening to When the Levee Breaks on the couch rocking back and forth. Best high ever and looked for it again and again until I decided to go to college. Anybody recall a first encounter with smoke coinciding with the all powerfull Zeppelin?
  14. I got this in college and still love it. I had a copy of the Denmark show and Knebworth on VHS in high school, but love the Earls Court (especially IMTOD) segment. Disappointed that it did not include Hot Dog and Ten Years Gone on the Knebworth segment, but all in all a great DVD set. Anybody find this to be lacking or pretty pleased?
  15. charlton


    I take it you are saying I am full of shit!!!! Probably true
  16. charlton

    Into to Cannabis

    Actually, some of my high school's (american) football friends turned out all right. When I went away to college though, I was busy hanging out with people from around the world getting high, going to class, bird dogging females, and jamming to anything from Johnny Cash to of course Zeppelin. I remember bringing in a stereo to play Kashmir to my Arabic professor from Iraq. He said "Bismallah, I hear arabie in this song". Yeah, I haven't talked to any of the football guys, since my 10 year high school reunion comes up this year 2008!!! Our golf team jammed to Zep on the way to golf matches stoned as shit. I mean hitting a golf ball doesn't bash you in like a fastball to the nuts or a tackle on a punt.
  17. charlton

    Life Passions Thread

    I would assume many here are a little obsessive on stuff like myself ( Zeppelin ) List your OBSESSIONS in order. 1)My wife, son, and family 2)Golf (since I was 5 years old; I am a 0.5 handicap) 3)Fishing 4)Led Zeppelin 5) World Politics; Mid East issues (fell in love with the desert sands first hearing Kashmir long ago) 6) Hunting the North American White Tail Deer (for meat; one deer last a year here in Tennessee if you also eat it beef and chicken).
  18. charlton

    Into to Cannabis

    I was known as the Zep Head which was cool in high school. I used to bust out WTLB at parties and they knew it was me. I did play baseball and golf in high schooll as well, so all of the football dip shits liked me cause I use to smoke them up with some cannabis sativa!
  19. charlton

    Happy New Year.

    Happy New Year! My son has an upper respiratory infection so we stayed up while momma slept and watched the ball drop I am checking on him while he sleeps watching 2003 DVD on the LCD upstairs.
  20. charlton


    It is a possibility that WE are the aliens. Our minds are so powerful and thousands of years from now we could be coming back to check things out. Maybe future humans didn't come back and kill Hitler for a reason. Future humans may have come back to build ancient Egypt for good times, since Mesopatamia had what was needed to make civilization. The Parthenon could have had a contributor from future humans. I do question visitation from other points of the universe, but maybe we are getting visited by ourselves later on.
  21. charlton


    Why not? What will we look like in the future? Small mouths, big eyes, and little ears tells me telepathic communication, good hearing, and excellent vision including extra rods and cones to allow us dominion over the night. Just throwing it out there.
  22. charlton


    DEEP thought here: In college, when my mind was at its prime, we thought possibly all of the UFO activity and sightings were actually humans capable of time travel. Maybe the pyramids were built by humans thousands of years from now that decided to go back in time far enough to the point where they wouldn't be fucking up the internet and catching all of the books on fire by helping ancient Egypt build that shit. Hey, maybe these "space men" are actually super evolved humans going back in time just checking things out. I mean, UFO sightings increased with the A Bomb tests and space travel. I would have loved 10,000 years from now to see us harness the power of the stars and see ancient civilization plaster the American southwest with nuke tests and humanity going to space for the first time. Anyways, I look at life now and fall back on the old Bible cause there is so much more out there in this universe cause to me there is more to this life than we know. I mean, having a child is very deep.
  23. charlton


    Paulaner Salvator Doppell Bock. This is one of the best beers from Munich. Vunderbar
  24. charlton

    Photos !

    Joelman, Is that Zion Canyon by chance in Utah? Anyways, my mom is from Colorado and that is God's country out there. Very cool pics