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  1. Well you know that last year, Kanye was pretty upset at not winning a Grammy. Personally, I didn't think he deserved it but he sure did and he was pretty outspoken about being upset at not winning. Last night, Ringo Star presented an award to Vince Gill. When Gill took the mic, he said something like, "Wow, I just got handed a Grammy by a Beatle!" Then he looked over to Kanye and said something like, "Has that happened to you yet?" I guess meaning "you may have won a Grammy this year but I still one 'upped' you by getting mine presented to me by a Beatle." At least that was my take on it. I didn't like the way Kanye cried about it last year so I thought it was a pretty funny "dig."

    Thanks for the information so far...

    Generally I have to say that I like Kanyes music, I thing he's very talented in producing beats...

    I simply don't care for the rest (meaning if he's arrogant etc.) and his performance was great.

    The rest of the show was really not that interesting. It would have been so cool, if Jimmy Page had joined the Foo Fighters performance B)

    Good night!

  2. Intro (LA Drone like...)

    Immigrant Song


    Black Dog (+Gallows Pole Intro)

    Over The Hills and far away

    What is and what should never been

    Since I've been loving you

    In my time of Dying

    Going to California

    That's the Way

    Bron_Y_Aur Stomp

    No Quarter

    Trampled Under Foot

    Stairway to heaven

    The Song remains the same


    Whole lotta love

    Rock and Roll

  3. I think it should be mentioned that most of your sound comes from your hands. I can put on a stock Strat and get a Jimmy tone. That's not bragging, believe me! I hold the pick and everything differently if I'm playing Sabbath or Dave Gilmour. How you touch the instrument cannot be underestimated regardless of eqiupment. It doesn't matter what Jimmy plays. He always sounds like Jimmy. Worry less about your gear and more about how you play. That's where it really lay! :beer:

    I'm aware of the "tone is shaped with your fingers and it's all about feeling"- thing, but I realized that the sound influences my playing too. It's a matter of feeling more or less comfortable with the sound, sometimes a certain sound improves my solo playing, sometimes it improves the riffing...

    may sound a little abstract, but that's how I think about it

    So I really like trying to find the sound of my idols and see where it takes my playing to...

  4. ...at least like "similar". After I saw and especially heard the 2007 Reunion version Black Dog on TV

    I'm amazed by the 'fat' guitarsound...

    I'm just wondering if there are a few guitar players around here, who try to follow the Zeppelin sound and I'm interested in how you're trying to get it (meaning Equipment, Amp Settings and so on...)

    I hope this is worth a discussion!


  5. Ok :blush: Have'nt heard TSRTS remastered. Is this the one their pulling out of stores because of the HD vs Blu-ray controversy? or is there a cd of TSRTS?

    There is a CD of TSRTS, see the discograpy on this page for more information:

    Some of the songs were re-cut and six songs were added for the 2007 edition

    I thought it could be interesting to compare it to HTWWW...

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