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  1. I'd like to give a few impressions on yesterdays concert in Cologne: It was an amazing performance! First time I've seen him and couldn't be more satisfied. He mixed Zeppelin with his own songs perfectly and added a few snippets (highlight was Hoochie Coochie Man leading into Whole lotta love). The band was awesome mixing elements of Rock, Blues, Elektonic and (what some call) world music. A thing I' ve never experienced before was how he managed somehow to be ironic and at the same time serious about his Zeppelin past. I don't know how to express this, but THE moment of the concert for me was how he announced What is and what should never be: "Remasterd II....(making a snoring noise )". And then he performed it absolutely powerful! What more can I say
  2. It's been a long time since I posted here and I hope my English is still working... I think the reissues are a great occasion to start participating here again My question especially to user the ocean 87: How do the new recordings sound in comparison to the priror releases? Do you notice any significant differences in sound quality? (btw I'm form Germany too )
  3. No, I think it will happen at the end about 22.30 CET
  4. German songwriter Wolfgang Nidecken is hinting at some secret stuff for tonight, he said something like "Lets see whats going on with Led Zeppelin" Please don't be too disappointed when nothing happens
  5. Best Guitarist ever, really, I mean of every genre? Led Zeppelin is the best rock band ever, Page for me is the best 'riff' guitar player of rock music, the one that is able to write (and record) great riffs but technically he's far from the top (also in rock music).
  6. I agree but first I thought it could represent the start and end of the show CET
  7. Hello, I hope everybody is having a great christmas Just want to give a few impressions after viewing the concert on BluRay yesterday (looking forward to listen to the Cds over headphones tonight and watching zhe rehearsal DVD next week or so). Great picture and sound quality (very 'present'). The concert itself, well it just made me happy in a way that no other music can, can't express it any different. I saw and heared the bootlegs but (of course) no comparison to the BluRay. I liked the camera work to, especially the close ups to the instruments and the capturing of their non-verbal interaction on stage made it very intimate The editing, well I can understand the cutting of the feedback in the first song but would have loved to see Jason singing I can't quit you and Roberts introduction to Kashmir (51 state). It also would have been great to catch some pre-concert atmosphere, before the introduction starts (thats what I like especially about the bootleg) All in all a great BluRay which is the only consolation for not having been there that evening
  8. Aww...found it out now, reading this thread helps... By the way, wonder that there are no comments about the appearence on Letterman, hilarious interview! If John Paul Jones had not become a musician, he would have been a great stand-up comedian too His humour is as dry as the desert
  9. Who is the woman singing in the Zeppelin tribute? Great job!
  10. I realize there's a new cinema experience available which features 4K projectores and 23.1 sound. Anybody who experienced Celebration Day this way is very welcome to share his thoughts (Mr. Steve AJones?) (btw. I didn't see the film yet and look forward to see it on BluRay)
  11. Happy Birthday Mr. Jones! Have a nice day and many years of music to come!
  12. This turns out to be the "Chinese Democracy" of Touring
  13. + 6 ,50 euros service fee. Plant will perform one song. Would be cool if he had a talk with Harald but not sure about that. More likely if he's the only guest, which I think is the case... Last time Robert performed "Morning dew": http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Eba5xrhIPc
  14. Hello there, I just found out that Robert will be guest (and I guess performing) in german Late night show "Harald Schmidt" next Thursday (November 18th). Do you know if he's just there for the show or other 'interesting' things Greetings audioservant
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