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  1. Jeff Buckley - Night flight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtkfPxVXuXs
  2. audioservant


    German beer is the best because of the 'Reinheitsgebot' My favourite is 'Früh Kölsch'
  3. Would be very very nice if someone would kep me informed about the release of the soundboard (especially when it appears online) via PM From what I heard so far (Stairway and No Quarter) its just an awesome show! Thank you very much!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX4gJKPGQBA&feature=related Hendrix Coverversion of Dear Mr. Fantasy
  5. But after what Beck and Hammet had done, wow! Those guys were playing extremely well Saturday, weren't they?
  6. I'm quite calm, but it's arounf 5 in the morning where I stay hope my internet will stay up til the end...
  7. http://www.cleveland.com/rockhall/ but just clips I think...from the press room...
  8. Hey guys, I'd like to know how fuse.tv works. How can I watch it ? Went to the site and couldn't find the 'play' button
  9. Bayern Munich - Sporting Lissabon 7:1 Liverpool - Real Madrid 4:0
  10. Family Guy - Puke-a-thon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRn5-LQCg2s...feature=related
  11. My theme song: My other theme song:
  12. Fight Club/Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides
  13. Can anyone recommend a book about the history of the blues? Thank you!
  14. I like John Mayer, great tone, great playing, great feeling... even if he was a pop artist, he can play the blues very well
  15. I think it's really a shame that so many people are mad at billy corgan because he calls the band Smashing Pumpkins again with only two members left. Billy himself said that its not a reunion because they are making new music and he names them pumpkins because it is his band... And I think the new stuff rocks, just listen to FOL, the new Heavy Metal Machine version or the 30 min epic Gossamer... not many bands dare to do songs of that length and it is sad that they get such a bad feedbach from their fans, especially in Europe: I was at the concert in munich 2007 and the hall was half empty (at least...).. hope thy will nevertheless return and play smaller venues At last I think you can compare the Pumpkins situation with Led Zeppelin in relation to all these reunion discussions. Isn't it the static view of so called fans that ruins it all, like it has to be like in the 70s (60 year olds please behave like 20 year olds) and please no musical development treating the past like an untouchable holy grail? This is what Robert denied about a reunion....and the Pumpkins suffer from this "holy grail past" too.
  16. Hi guys, are there any Pumpkins fans out there? I really enjoy this band, especially after the "Reunion" in 07
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