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    San Antonio, Texas U.S.A.
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    Simple, Rock n' Roll and Taxes!

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  1. Happy Birthday my friend

  2. Happiest of birthdays my friend! Hope it's a great one!


  3. ROCK ON FOREVER on this Happy Birthday...wherever you are!

  4. Happy Birthday! We miss you on the forums! :')

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Miss you here.

  6. hi, it sounds like you covered all 4 corners of the rock and roll spectrum. That is very cool. :) I happen to like most of the artists you mentioned in your profile.

  7. Hello, ZFF, your contribution to the Forum is really valued and appreciated...PlanetPage

    ...hope all is well with you...

  8. To quote the great film 'Saturday Night And Sunday Morning'..."Don't let the bastards grind you down."

    ROF ZFF!

  9. Read your "Farewell" post in the ramble on forum today.

    You shouldn't feel you have to leave because a few idiots don't like your posting style.

  10. ZeppFanForever


    To all of the complainers and winers here on the forum, all I have to say is FAREWELL! This is my final post! I will not conform or put up with any of your complaints any longer. GOODBYE! ROCK ON FOREVER whether you like it or not!
  11. ZeppFanForever

    ROCK ON fellow ZEPPELIN fanatics!

    Hi Katuschka! You mean it took you this long to read this post and get back to me? You're right, we are not friends at all! Personally, I think that you are the rude one. The reason why I post so much is because I am a fast worker which is the least that I can say for you. Have a nice day and ROCK ON FOREVER!
  12. ZeppFanForever

    Lol animals

    How's it going redrum? I love white cats! Great photo! ROCK ON FOREVER my friend!
  13. ZeppFanForever

    This or That

    Okay! The Wizard Of Oz or Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory? ROF my dear!
  14. ZeppFanForever

    Post A Picture Of Yourself!

    Oh Oh! Whats going on here Barb? Are you Miss Pamela (DesBarres)? Inquiring minds want to know! ROF my dear!