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  1. To all of the complainers and winers here on the forum, all I have to say is FAREWELL! This is my final post! I will not conform or put up with any of your complaints any longer. GOODBYE! ROCK ON FOREVER whether you like it or not!
  2. Hi Katuschka! You mean it took you this long to read this post and get back to me? You're right, we are not friends at all! Personally, I think that you are the rude one. The reason why I post so much is because I am a fast worker which is the least that I can say for you. Have a nice day and ROCK ON FOREVER!
  3. How's it going redrum? I love white cats! Great photo! ROCK ON FOREVER my friend!
  4. Okay! The Wizard Of Oz or Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory? ROF my dear!
  5. Oh Oh! Whats going on here Barb? Are you Miss Pamela (DesBarres)? Inquiring minds want to know! ROF my dear!
  6. Caddyshack! Animal House or Dazed And Confused? ROF my dear!
  7. You're so bad! Jimmy who? Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  8. I own glasses but I love contacts! Do women love hair on men's chests or not? Another one for you Barb! ROF my dear!
  9. I do like Johhny Depp, he is a great actor! Would you choose Johnny Depp over Jimmy? ROF my dear!
  10. Thanks to SteveAJones, he created a picture posting monster in you! I hope that you don't post any Jimmy Jimi pictures! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  11. I have long dark thick hair! Men with mustache or without? This is for you Barb! ROF!
  12. You're still thinking about Jimmy Jimi? I already forgot about that! I keep it real also, even when I joke about it! Ha Ha! So what if you're 43 and saying Yo! I use Yo and I'm 48! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  13. No No No!!! Now I feel like a vampire that just had a cross shoved in his face! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  14. Cake! Ice Cream or Donuts? ROF!
  15. Thats a great picture isn't it? ROF my dear!
  16. What? A snorting virgin? Now I'm Goofy the goofball? Now I'm really Dazed and Confused! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  17. I ain't blaming you my dear! (At least not yet! Ha Ha!) Where did you get that idea from? Ha Ha! You're starting to remind me of BIGDAN! Ha Ha! You're still one of my favorites dear! ROF!
  18. You're destroying me imPLANTed! How could you? Ha Ha! Now I feel neglected! Ha Ha! Boo Hoo Hoo! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  19. More great shots of the dynamic duo! ROF my dear!
  20. Can't all of you feel the love on this thread? There is just too much love here! Ha Ha! Some of the comments here on this thread are hilarious! It reminds me of the "Obama bashing thread" as well as the "Disco or Rap thread!" ROCK ON FOREVER everyone!
  21. What kind of snorting thing? Ha Ha! I'm terrible aren't I? ROF my dear!
  22. BOTH! I'm actually both my dear! Whats the most important meal of the day, Breakfast or Dinner? ROF!
  23. Hey mate! You mean that song is about her? You mean the Mrs.? You call her Misses mate and she'll hit your head, thinking that its your ass, with a baseball bat! Come to think of it mate, I want her autograph N-O-W! ROF my friend!
  24. Hi Virginia! The song that is stuck in my head at the moment is "Hungry Heart" by THE BOSS himself, MR. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. This one's for you Bobbie dearest! Ha Ha! ROF my two dear's!
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