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  1. Okay! The Wizard Of Oz or Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory? ROF my dear!
  2. Oh Oh! Whats going on here Barb? Are you Miss Pamela (DesBarres)? Inquiring minds want to know! ROF my dear!
  3. Caddyshack! Animal House or Dazed And Confused? ROF my dear!
  4. I own glasses but I love contacts! Do women love hair on men's chests or not? Another one for you Barb! ROF my dear!
  5. I have long dark thick hair! Men with mustache or without? This is for you Barb! ROF!
  6. Cake! Ice Cream or Donuts? ROF!
  7. Thats a great picture isn't it? ROF my dear!
  8. What? A snorting virgin? Now I'm Goofy the goofball? Now I'm really Dazed and Confused! Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  9. More great shots of the dynamic duo! ROF my dear!
  10. What kind of snorting thing? Ha Ha! I'm terrible aren't I? ROF my dear!
  11. BOTH! I'm actually both my dear! Whats the most important meal of the day, Breakfast or Dinner? ROF!
  12. Hey mate! You mean that song is about her? You mean the Mrs.? You call her Misses mate and she'll hit your head, thinking that its your ass, with a baseball bat! Come to think of it mate, I want her autograph N-O-W! ROF my friend!
  13. Hi Virginia! The song that is stuck in my head at the moment is "Hungry Heart" by THE BOSS himself, MR. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN. This one's for you Bobbie dearest! Ha Ha! ROF my two dear's!
  14. Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper. ROF!
  15. BOTH! Who's more extroverted, Men or Women? ROF!
  16. Ah, do I detect a little jealousy here? I thought that imPLANTed was leaving me for you! (Oh I can hear her now!) Now I'm jealous! Ha Ha! I suggest that you wife avoid the headboards and the bunk beds all together so as to avoid any future migrane headaches. ROF my friend!
  17. You will sweetie, you'll see him again! THE BOSS will be here on this earth for many more years to come! ROF my dear!
  18. Honey., there will be other times, I PROMISE YOU! Cheer up sweetie! ROF my dear!
  19. There's always choices to be made in this world isn't there? Ha Ha! ROF my dear!
  20. Very interesting mate! ROF my friend!
  21. Ooh Baby, I Love Your Way! ROF my dear!
  22. I'm Only Sleeping - THE BEATLES. ROF!
  23. Alfred Hitchcock! George Lucas or Steven Spielberg? ROF!
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