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  1. ive just tuned the guitar to' open d' its a cool tuning you can do travelling riverside blues ,in my time of dying black crowes type stuff it forces you to look at the guitar in a different way ,try it
  2. hey fella try bron as you would then yr as uhr then aur as ayh'r im welsh trust me this is how you say it it means golden breast or breast of gold ok theres my good deed for the day
  3. hey shinedaddy i have a led zep111 on vinyl with the 'spell' on it one of the first pressings just curious how much is it worth not selling im framing it such a iconic album cover
  4. ive seen these there cool arent they ive got led zep 111 on vinyl with the 'spell' written on it any idea how much its worth ime not selling going to frame it just curious any thoughts mr crunge
  5. hello blackdog im catching up with u im 41 seen page and plant about ten yrs ago at birmingham nec the highlight of that show had to be going to california they were brilliant
  6. no never seen him but the locals say hes a nice fella dont no if he is married
  7. hiya valleygirl nice welcome
  8. hi scarlett well its in a place called artists valley you go up a long and winding country lane thru a forest near a river then u come to a gate and there on a hill is mr plants home it doesnt look like a big rockstar house but cool setting
  9. hello jimmypagezoso56 thats a tough one its like saying whos your favourite child but i would say sth cos it has all the elements of led zep in one song light and heavy
  10. greetings i have the 4cd box theres some amazing stuff on there 40 dollars thats cheap i paid 56 pounds 4 mine the proof is in the listen he was from a different place to all the other players and still is jeff beck wired is also a cool record great playing
  11. hello my name is mike i live in a town on the llyn peninsular called pwllheli wich is about 25 miles from snowdonia and not that far from machynllech were mr plant has a home and the famous bron yr aur cottage is ,having been there many times let me tell you it is a place of naturel beauty i love going up to the mountains you forget everything and stand in awe at the place .i love led zeppelin music especially when they stretch it out on stage, dazed and confused eg the playing is iprovising gone mad.anyway i wish u all well happy listening x
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