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  1. Being born and raised in CA, I live in MT now, I picked Going to California. It really reminds me of what it was like there way back when.
  2. Wow! So many awesome songs on this album. It was a hard choice for me between Thank You, Ramble On and What is and What Should Never Be. I picked Thank You because I too love Zep's soft side and I always get chills when I listen to that song. I get chills when I listen to all of their songs. LOL. I'm listening to the Led channel on XM Radio right now and I'm Gonna Crawl came on as I'm writing this. More chills!
  3. I voted for The Rain Song. I was actually able to get my grandmother to listen to it when I was about 17. That's not the reason I picked it but it does bring back good memories for me.
  4. "To find a queen without a king" Going to California Robert has always been the king of my dreams.
  5. I certainly expected the percentage of age range to be higher for the oldsters. I'm surprised that a majority of people that took the poll are younger. However, I suspect that may have something to do with the fact that younger people are more computer savvy. I, myself, am 44 and have been a Zep fan since I was 15. Unfortunately too young to have seen them perform when they were still together.
  6. Thank you for sharing that article. I am sure I would have missed it if I had not come across it here. I shared it with some Zep fans and musicians I know would appreciate it. Raising my glass to Jason.
  7. Sigh .... I can only hope and pray that I will see Led Zeppelin play someday.
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