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  1. You turn up the radio when ever you hear Zeppelin - even when its not your radio. You can hear a Zeppelin song from farther away than your Black Lab. You sit in a hot car in your garage because you pulled in while a Zeppelin song was on the radio and you cant leave until its over. You spend WAY too much time making DVDs and CDs to try and get your friends/family to see the light. You get goose pimples in anticipation everytime you hear Jimmy say" Its time to get the Led out" every night at 7:00PM on WMGK 102.9.
  2. You know I often go into that with the feeling that I am going to skip this track or that track but when I start to listen touching anything except the volume control just seems to be against the law. Although, I have found myself to back track to hear the same song now again!
  3. I didn't like the O2 version although I realize why Jimmy did the solo that way - Robert. I do realize that beggars cant be choosers and I should be happy that they did the song at all, I just found it a bit wanting. I do agree that it was the first time that he (Robert) showed any enthusiasm at all for the song and besides the solo, was an excellent rendition. I am much partial to the 5/25/75 version. The SRTS version does it for me if I am concentrating on Bonzo. Every time I listen to the 5/25/75 solo I get goose pimples and the hair on my arms tend to rise. Although no-one likes to
  4. Sorry picture link didnt work, rocket science ya know. Let me try again.
  5. I always enjoy reading about Zeppelin in the paper. This is from the De. news Journal 6/15/08.
  6. Zeppelin would Beethoven. Although I am not a critic I listen to both and to me they are comparable. Beethoven lulls me into a sense of solitude and then bam! here comes the train - much like Jimmy's arranging. The flowers in the hair dint stay there long listening to either maestro. There was a member on here about a year ago maybe longer that did a paper for collage and compared Beethoven and Zeppelin. The paper was very good and a nice read. I wonder if she is still around and how she is doing now (the search function on the sight still sucks). I printed her paper for my personal use
  7. As of today I beleve the best version available is the Led Zeppelin - 2007 12-10 Four Eyes4 Camera Source Mix Plus 3 Audio Choices NTSC 16:9 Widescreen. Thats the Four Eyes version and for audio only for the slog to work I ripped it off the dvds onto cds as wave with no compression and a slight bump to the bass. In my opinion so far only Pagey can offer a better copy!
  8. The Ocean Immigrant Song Fool In the Rain - I loved the Pearl Jam/Plant version at the House of Blues. Custard Pie
  9. I also prefer his earlier work. He was so good that he was still great even on the drugs towards the end. He just seemed to have more fun pre 77. The joy that he showed when he played was spine tingling. After 77 it seemed to me that he played like he was having no fun. I know most like ACLS on the DVD, but to me, and I might add speaking from experience, the drug look in his beady eyes was kind of disgusting. It said to me "What the fuck am I doing here? Have I not already done this? Why does Pagey drag me on these tours that last forever? I dont want to be here nor do I want to tou
  10. I would like to hear a recording of the first time Robert and Jimmy met and discussed their musical likes, kind of like a fly on the wall type thing. I would also like a recording of the very first time the four played together. I would also like a soundboard quality recording from 9/7/68 show in Denmark. I would also like a recording of the jam they did last June when they were trying to gauge Jason and what they said to one another when they asked him to leave the room.
  11. Since this post I have been going threw my player - I must have every Zep tribute made! Most are crap but there are some good ones. Heres a few, definitely worth checking out: Black label Society STH Chris Cornell Thank You Dave Matthews Tangerine Tesla The Ocean Audio Slave/ Maynard James Kashmir Train Ramble On Zakk Wylde Going to California And some really metal covers: Angra Kashmir Primal Fear The Rover Grave Digger No Quarter Axxis Good Times Bad Times White Skull STH Anno Daemonicus Immigrant Song Post Mortem The Ocean Doxomedon Living Loving Maid
  12. I dont really remember much from this cd but I think the Ocean was kinda cool. It was various artists dont remember the names. Kashmir The Ocean Trampled Under Foot Whole Lotta Love What is and What Should Never Be Good Times Bad Times Black Dog Misty Mountain Hop Immigrant Song In the Evening Google hip hop tribute to Led Zeppelin and click the Amazon site - they have free samples you can check out from the cd. Oh, and I thought Crowes Dyer Maker video was hot - nice cut off jeans.
  13. Welcome to the board. I have the Encomium video and I love the 4 Non Blondes on Misty Mountain. As far as an Encomium II, dude I dont think I could have made a better list. I just think I would like to have Tool do two songs - have you heard their No Quarter? As far as there being tons of tributes out, that is true but they are nothing tributes. That list that you put together is now and rocking, all those bands have something to say - The hip Hop tribute to Zeppelin did not. Nice post.
  14. Yeah, I read his comments but for some strange reason they were all wriiten in the color green.
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