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  1. First.. I wish I were born in 1948 or 1950. Second... I would like to witness the following shows: All Fillmore West shows in 1969 All Boston Tea Party shows in 1969 07/27/79 - Seattle International Pop Festival 08/31/69 - Texas Pop Festival 01/09/70 - RAH 03/07/70 - Montreux 06/28/70 - Bath Fest 09/04/70 - LA Forum 09/06/70 - Hawaii 09/19/70 - Fillmore East, Both shows 03/06/71 - Dublin, Ireland All August 71 shows... All September 71 shows... Australian Tour 72... All June Shows 72... From 3/14/73 to 3/22/73 (European Tour) 05/31/73 - Bonzo's Birthday Party 06/02
  2. The Song Remains The Same Whole Lotta Love The Ocean Heartbreaker When The Levee Breaks Achilles Last Stand
  3. Let's get real people... BBC Sessions is just a stripped compilation of an historical document of the band. Still, has great music and captures the band as is... no "perfectionisms" of Page... only cuts and missing songs. How The West Was Won is a fixed version of two shows processed as one... or the one and only true experience of Led Zeppelin at their best in front of thousands of fans. As someone said, BBC is for someone who wants to hear about it... But to experience Led Zeppelin as they were truly better, GO WITH HTWWW. Another good, or better choice... get the Led Zeppelin DV
  4. Your question can be answered if you compare the studio version with the one he played in 9/4/70 (Live from Blueberryhill)
  5. Good shows to seek Bonham's drumming are (My favorites): 04/24/69 (Fillmore West) - The best recording of Bonzo's drumming in a bootleg. 01/09/70 (Royal Albert Hall) - Check out the Double DVD or the Kevin Shirley's Working Tapes 09/04/71 (Toronto) 09/29/71 (Japan) - "Soundboard" Tape 01/15/73 - Threntham Garden The 10 Days of the European Tour (3/14/73 to 3/24/73) Earls Court Five Shows (5/17/75 to 5/25/75) 06/21/77 (LA Forum) - His drumming is totally Insane 06/23/77 (LA Forum) - Bonzo & Keith Moon... 08/04/79 (Knebworth) Of course, there are some I don't remember at the m
  6. Correction.... BLOODY BOOTLEGGERS
  7. There is still some BBC footage available. The Bath Festival would be the main content. Also, Kashmir, Tangerine, Moby Dick and No Quarter from EC. From Knebworth, well, Ten Years Gone if Jimmy would plays the missing track in studio. More footage of Sydney and Long Tall Sally from RAH. Also, a fixed version of Julie Felix show 1970. And something of 1977 in the menu clips...
  8. Mobile, Houston and Kezar... another good soundboard is Salt Lake City, Denver and Dallas 5/19/73 (Remastered by Winston)
  9. Interested in 1973??? Check for this titles: 1/15 - Trentham Gardens, Stoke, England - Voodoo in the Garden (Winston Remaster) 1/22 - Southampton - Kevin Shirley's Multitrack Tapes 3/14 - Nuremberg, Germany (From this date to the 3/24 were ten days of Led Zeppelin's finest performances ever. Just check D&C in every show for an examle) 3/16 - Vienna, Austria - Danke! Vienna (Winston Remaster) 3/17 - Munich, Germany - Live in Moon Chin (Winston Remaster) 3/19 - Berlin, Germany - Happy Times (Winston Remaster) 3/21 - Hamburg, Germany - Legendry Night in Hamburg (Winston Remaster)
  10. I have a favorite by year: 1973: Madison Square Garden 7/28 - It was the main version of the TSRTS Video and Soundtrack. Just a truly masterpiece. Page's solo is legendary. Highlights: Page's Solo is just one of his finest. Jonesy Solo also is spectacular and very dark. 1975: Earls Court 5/24 - It is, by almost everybody the best version of No Quarter played by Jonesy with an expectacular solo. Highlights: Jonesy played virtuoso... just like all the Earl's Court night's. 1977: LA Forum 6/23 - It is by far, the best version of No Quarter played as a jam. The improvisation is just tr
  11. In the original 1976 soundtrack version, the solo of Jones and Page is cutted at the end... in the new remastered version, Jones solo is cutted at the end, and Page's solo is cutted from the beginning... But I did my "complete" version using both sources... is simple. Just rip in wave form from the remaster and the original versions, and use a wave editor. Here is a quick dirty way I did with CoolEdit Pro 2.1 in Multitrack Mode: Remastered 0:00 to 5:11.943, then fade down to 5:12.208 (APROX) Original fade up from 5:19.451 - 5:19.805, then fade down 6:54.468 - 6:56.991 (APROX)
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