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  1. Yeah, For me it's the best performance of Dazed n Confused. So much raw power. It's just breathtaking
  2. Brilliant work Page Angel. An amazing gift for an amazing person!
  3. I want to write a message. Still though, great work man. This is a truly amazing thing that you're doing. Keep us informed.
  4. They have agreed to make a movie about Kurt Cobain's life, from growing up in Aberdeen to his death in 1994. It's gonna be a movie version of the biography by Charles Cross, "Heavier than Heavan". Ewan McGregor and Joe Anderson are the favourites to land the role of Kurt. I've read the book and it's a fascinating read. Hopefully the movie will be just as good. However the book was a bit biased towards Courtney, which is probably why she's allowing the film to be made. Some of the information is incorrect and biased but it's still a hugely fascinating and credible biography.
  5. I love Nirvana. They were a great band and they got me into music. Technically Kurt wasn't a great guitar player but in terms of creative playing he was i.e. he came up with some awesome riffs. His lyrics are a mix between pure genious and mindless ramblings. They were strange, yet insightful. I'll always rate Nirvana amongst my favourite bands.
  6. IN no particular order... Favourites: Robert Plant Kurt Cobain Grace Slick Axl Rose (he's a d***head but he was a great frontman) Jim Morrsion Jack Bruce Bono Layne Staley John Lennon Paul Mc Freddy Mercury Dislike: Lead singer of Slipknot Lead singer of Dragonforce Gary Lightbody Eddie Vedder Steven Morrisey
  7. Hey. Huge zephead here from Ireland. First discovered Zeppelin about 3-4 years ago when I was around 12. I heard Whole loota love and thought "hmmm interesting". Then I saw a video of Black Dog live and I've been hooked since then. Lookin forward to posting more and spreading tour rumours!!
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