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  1. Hey Angel, this is picking up a bit of coverage http://www.gigwise.com/news/44825/led-zepp...sive-exhibition Fantastic Effort. Hope to see you there.
  2. Sorry mum. You can't dismiss whole genre's (it's in the rules). I'm not a keen fan of any of these but can definitely pick albums/bands that i like within. Open your mind Man!
  3. Dan, there's actually a few pubs up my way (Hackney) that i've been in several times and had Zeppelin playing. It was in one of these establishments where i had a most memorable moment. I had a fresh pint in my hand, Whole Lotta Love was on the Stereo, my team just scored on the footy, and my girlfriend was recalling the time she felt up her friends new fake boobs. I could've died there and then a happy man! So in Summary, Hackney >>>>> the rest of London.
  4. Actually i don't think it's a complete myth, shops in Denmark St. London have had signs 'no stairway'.
  5. Hop Farm Festival - Headlined by Neil Young Sunday 6th July Chuck Berry 20th July
  6. Anyone fancy the automat for lunch? Just in case. Nice profile pic DragonofDarkness
  7. Na, it's pants mate. Anyone heard these 3 new leaks? http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/articl...t_id=1003818521
  8. What were the rumours about Jimmy's finger not being broken? What reason was there to make it up?
  9. Being a little harsh here aren't we? I'm certaintly not their biggest fan, but The Foo Fighters are a pretty successful band in their own right, they did just sell out two nights performing to 86,000 people. Page and Jones are only on for two songs, we do not know if this footage will make the cut (Jimmy may well not allow it) if it is, it may increase viewing figures for the films slightly but lets not get carried away. Ever thought that the JP/JPJ appearance may have boosted Led Zeppelin sales as younger fans were exposed through the concert? I'm sure the boys can look after them
  10. 'The Vault' owned by and opposite the Hard rock Cafe in London, there is a Jimmy Page Les Paul about two months ago. I'll load up my pics when i get a chance. Also a Jeff Beck Telecaster that had been loaned to Jimmy, and apparently Jeff painted his name on the back once he finally got it back off Jimmy. Steve, or others who know too much, can you clear this story up for me as the vault guide was not the most knowledgeable. Cheers.
  11. Sorry MissHoneydripper, as soon as i posted i logged off and tried to drink away my disappointment at my monumental mistake of going on the Friday not the Saturday. As you will no doubt know now it was Jimmy and John Paul, i ended up listening to the 2 songs over a very crappy phone call, little consolation. Great news for all those that went and i'm glad some of you from here went along. Having now surfaced again the disappointment has returned as i must do to the drink. I'll just make note to surface again in the Autumn of 2009.
  12. On stage now, friend just called from the gig. Why on Earth did i go last night?
  13. "Jimmy Page is returning to the stage for his first live performance since the historic Led Zeppelin reunion concert of December 10th 2007. Jimmy has accepted an invitation to perform as one of the Foo Fighters 'Special Guests' at the Foo's Saturday night (June 7th 2008) gig at Wembley Stadium in London. The concert is to be held 'in the round, on a revolving stage near the centre of the pitch' of the 86,000+ capacity Stadium." http://www.jimmypageonline.com/11349.html This is not an official site, anyone know how reliable? Touts were selling tickets outside for £20 last night. Not s
  14. This died on it's arse didn't it. I've now heard (read) rumours of people overhearing a soundcheck from the boys (minus Robert), but it's gonna be Saturday only. Dave Grohl said on radio one that there are special guests for tomorrow. I'm gonna cry.
  15. http://www.gigwise.com/news/43681/led-zepp...ters-at-wembley? I'm sceptical, but still exicted at the possibility. It's not the first time i've heard it either. I couldn't resist and will be in attendance tonight. IF they did play and it's was only Saturday's show someone is gonna get hurt. Anyone know anything?
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