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  1. Sorry mum. You can't dismiss whole genre's (it's in the rules). I'm not a keen fan of any of these but can definitely pick albums/bands that i like within. Open your mind Man!
  2. Hop Farm Festival - Headlined by Neil Young Sunday 6th July Chuck Berry 20th July
  3. Na, it's pants mate. Anyone heard these 3 new leaks? http://www.billboard.com/bbcom/news/articl...t_id=1003818521
  4. You sir must be on a windup, surely no one can get this angry about others voicing opinions on an internet forum. Awful argument also, this thread is about GnR, not exclusively for those who blindly worship them. I personally am a massive fan but anyone with an objective opinion will say Axl Rose has not delivered what the fans desire (simply as he hasn’t delivered anything for the past 15 or so years). It might do you some good to hear these opinions, as you seem a bit blinkered here. Just because you criticize the band it doesn’t make you any less of a fan, it just shows you are capable of independent thought. Oh, and I’m allowed to criticize as I’ve sold 10 millions albums worldwide.
  5. Oooooooooooooo, only the second to vote. Heartbreaker for me.
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