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  1. I think you're right there. My favourite band behind Zeppelin is Guns N' Roses and my desire for a GN'R reunion is lessened by the fact that both Axl and Slash are out there putting on great shows playing everyone's favourite tunes. Whilst I don't deny a classic line up reunion would be brilliant I'm happy with what there is. There isn't really that with Zeppelin. Jimmy is pretty much retired and Robert seems to have abandoned heavy rock (although his current band, being pretty much Strange Sensation sound pretty heavy). Although I have to say I think Robert's decision to do what he want
  2. I'm also saddened at this situation, truly amazing band. Their second album completely blew me away. I kind of figured something was up when a few months back on their Facebook page they were asking who people would want to see if certain members couldn't make it (they said it was completely hypothetical of course). Joe obviously sees it as a bit of fun on the side and not his 'day job,' I wonder if they approached it from that angle but given the great reception they received Glenn thought they could be more than a part time band. In some ways it's a shame that Joe can't commit to more sho
  3. Christ that's pricey! Can't say I'm surprised though, they were charging £125 for the best seats in 2006 and given the sudden surge in concert ticket prices I expected a much bigger price than the '06 price. No way I could justify spending £300+ on a concert ticket, no one's that good. And if that's "and up" then £300+ for nosebleed seats is crazy. Surprised people would buy them at that price.
  4. Always thought a Jimmy/Cornell project would be great. I think the guy would be the only one who could do the Zeppelin songs justice (bar Robert naturally).
  5. Some shows in the autumn apparently: http://www.nme.com/news/the-rolling-stones/64919 If Bill Wyman's back in the fold I'd really be tempted to go, the only thing is the price. Back when I saw them in Twickenham in 2006 the ticket I got was £90, given the recent surge in the price of concert tickets I dread to think how much they'll cost now. They always do put on a killer show though and it was definitely money well spent in 2006.
  6. I for one am glad they are not playing at the olympics. If there is indeed another Zeppelin show (and I can't see that ever happening) it should be for a good cause. The fact that Free and The Sex Pistols turned down the chance to play says it all really as well as the fact they seriously asked The Who's manager if Keith Moon was available. I thought that the Jimmy/Leona Lewis performance was embarrassing just like Slash with the Black Eyed Peas at the Superbowl was.
  7. Just got back from the show and wow, what an amazing evening. Glad I decided to go in the end, only found out about it today. It was surreal to see one of my all time favorite musicians from the best damn band that ever was in such a small venue. I was fortunate enough to be second row and was so close, really different from the last time I saw him as part of Them Crooked Vultures at the Download Festival amid thousands of people! The only other noise/avant garde show I've been to is one by Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio a couple of years ago at Royal Festival Hall. Tonight's show was fa
  8. I too was at the show and loved it. I do agree though that the opening was the strongest part of the set which saw Robert return to full rock god mode. I thought Patty's short set during the show created something of a lull. I am a huge fan of her solo work yet as the rest of the show was a heavy rock/blues kind of affair for the most part it felt quite jarring. For me the highlights were hearing the Strange Sensation songs again (for my money Mighty Rearranger is the best solo album he's done and Strange Sensation are definitely his best post-Zeppelin band which was proved last night). The
  9. Poster looks sublime, really can't wait for this show. The clips from the rockwell show a few years back are breathtaking.
  10. Have my ticket, can't wait! Seems far more up my street than the Band of Joy was. Not that I disliked Band of Joy but Justin and Robert are mindblowing together. When JuJu supported the Band of Joy a couple of years back remember thinking how amazing it would be if Robert did something with them. Wonder what the setlist will be and if it'll feature a fair few Strange Sensation tracks seeing as its (pretty much) the same band.
  11. John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Jack White - would be one hell of a power trio!
  12. I know how you feel, the main reason I don't come around these parts that often is due to the lack of things going on that interest me. The last time I got stupidly excited about something Zeppelin related was Them Crooked Vultures and I really hope they'll release something new in the future, JPJ's playing with Seasick Steve was also immense. Robert's new direction doesn't excite me, it seems to lack the power and force of his previous work, the Band of Joy pale in comparison to Strange Sensation IMO, Mighty Rearranger was easily one of the best rock albums of the '00s. Kudos to the guy
  13. This is exciting stuff, really hope its new music with the prospect of a tour. I REALLY want to see Jimmy play live, he's the only Zep member I haven't seen live [other than John Bonham obviously].
  14. Just back from the concert. Best show I've ever seen. Highlight for me was Tangerine, one of my all time favourite Zeppelin tracks and thought I'd never hear it live. Have to say the new material is mindblowing, I'm loving the new album more and more although have to say the tracks are best heard live. Really hope this Band Of Joy project is a long term thing.
  15. Cardiff tonight. Don't know if it's been mentioned but The Electric Proms show on Friday is being broadcast live at 8pm (British time) on BBC Radio 2. Also on 6th November on BBC Two (TV, not radio) there's a Robert Plant night with a new documentary. Should be good. On a different note - those videos from The Forum are brilliant, hope there's a DVD at some point in the future.
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