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  1. I scanned this pic from an italian 1992 mag, I think the pic is from '73, judging by the hair and teeth. Btw, I see my sig at the right upper corner of the pic suddenly and conveniently disappeared.
  2. It's all ok glicine, sorry, I didn't phrase my post well. I was really just surprised it didn't get posted earlier, as I first posted it on a closed board and was immediately posted on the Ru board by one of their member. It's funny sometimes how quickly some pics (or not ) travel through the net.
  3. Ah, look, my scan from an italian mag, took a long time to be posted here as well. The whole article kept reffering to Bonzo as Bronzo....
  4. Ah, my fellow countrymen. I've seen your Koper photos, great stuff. I still regret not being able to go to the concert. I have the vid of it tho to help my throught the cold winter..
  5. Thank you very much glicine!
  6. Fantastic photos. Nice to see some 'behind the scenes'.
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