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  1. Band's get back together all the time !!! And with Jason on drum's I don't see why it couldn't work for them. They proved it could at 02, so I would like to see them that's all.
  2. Sure your not !! almost 5000 post's !! I'm sad for you that your riled up !! Which was my point !! I don't think saying that Plant sucks now is nasty. I think it's true, If you don't great.
  3. What's sad is that saying and doing are to different thing's. And if my stupid post's about Robert really do upset you you should probably get some help !! It's a website about a band that ended almost 30 year's ago !! I have posted more stuff lately because it's fun !! but I don't sit in front of my computer all day like a shark waiting to pounce on someone that make's a little fun of Plant. What's sad and pathetic is if it bother's you !! I used to think he was the coolest singer ever. I don't think to much of his new career path along with many other's, if they don't want to give him a litt
  4. He tried to throw you a Zeppelin tour but someone is to busy making country album's !!!! And Robert isn't a member of Zeppelin anymore (that's what he keep's telling us anyway) so I think it's fine for anyone to give him shit for not wanting to work with Page again. As for the Grammy's I recall Jetro Tull getting best HEAVY METAL ALBUM over Metallic about 15 year's ago !! What a joke !! so give me a break with all your Robert Plant ass kissing !!! In general I don't care, but it sure is fun to get people whipped up around here once in awhile. I'f he is happy great, I along with many other's ju
  5. For a CD that nobody will listen to in a couple of year's. Right now it's flavor of the month !!! The Grammy's are complete bullshit !!
  6. Anything they do will be compared to Zeppelin and without that country singer back in the mix they knew it was over before it started. All anyone would have asked them on a tour is do you think Plant will come back for a Zeppelin tour ??? The same reason's The Firm, Coverdale/Page or Jimmy's solo album career didn't last. Zeppelin is bigger than him !!! That's why he wanted to do it so bad I would think. Fuck Plant !! Mick still does it and so does Brian Johnson of AC/DC, The guy is 62 I think. Plant is a nobody without Page.
  7. Joe Bonnamassa does a great version of Tea For One. Great guitar player, say's Led Zeppelin I is one of his favorite albums of all time.
  8. Wearing & Tearing !! They proved it at Knebworth in 1990.
  9. Sound like someone was there. What's so hard to believe ?? That asshole Grant getting in someone's face sound's like fact !! More Zeppelin myth right ??? Whatever.
  10. The real creative "LIVE" band Zeppelin was died after 72 I think. And it was because Jimmy couldn't or for the most part wouldn't play with the same authority that he had in the early day's of the band. His tone suffered too much for me after 73. They were still great, but I think all the creating they did on stage was on it's way out. they were still doing cool stuff on stage but it was different than what they originally started out as. I used to think the 77 tour was the one I would like the band to release a live CD of, but I think something from 68 or 69 would be what they really were abo
  11. Kashmir from left side of stage. Best clip of the show until they release it.
  12. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy it, the band is great on it, but I don't like the way it is bass heavy. It take's away the smothness that I think they had. Jonesy is the best ever if you ask me, that's not the problem. The problem I have when I listen is I think they really made the bass stand out and I think the original TSRTS is probably more what the band sounded like live and that's what I want to hear. Not some guy's opinion on what he thinks it could have sounded like. WTWWW is a great disc but I'm so one tracked minded on how the band sounded live after listening to the original versio
  13. Have them all plus a 02 audience shot, and the second Knebworth gig. Earl's court on the 24th is my favorite. The Knebworth shows were shot for release at the time which is why they wear the same cloth's both night's. the first show is way better than the second. Seattle is a mess for the most part but still cool.
  14. Makes me wonder how live a live album really is !! Jimmy did a shitty job if you ask me, I like the added songs but thats it. The mix is to heavy for me also. HTWWW isn't any better either. Way to bass heavy for live Zeppelin. BBC & the original SRTS are real Zeppelin live discs.
  15. Roger Daltrey !! His voice is almost gone so he could whisper into a mike too. Maybe with Dolly !!
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