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  1. I have a separates hi fi system and a decent quality car set up. I can generally hear the bass ok on the live recordings, it's the studio tracks I have a problem with. JPJ is a completly different player to say John Entwhistle from The Who. JE's bass playing is more like a lead instrument, although I'm getting out of my depth here. Is one reason that Bonham's bass drum is also very dominate in the sound set up?
  2. Is it my hearing or poor sound system, but I find it sometimes difficult to pick out JPJ on the Bass and it's not only on the Keyboard tracks. The exception being Achelles Last Stand which is very clear. I've just picked up a great cd called "The Drum & Bass Show" from Houston 77 and that is more like it, the Bass is very load and proud. Can oneone explain this to me is layman's terms.
  3. Thanks for the link very interesting, still dosen't explain how they get away with it in Japan though.
  4. Why is it that shops in japan can openly sell bootleg recordings? Are their Copyright laws different? Even Jimmy seems to condone the practice.
  5. Ok, lets imagine that a World Tour is announced. What shape would the tour take if it started in Sept 08? Would it kick off in the Far East, then on to Australia, South America, Central America, Canada, Europe and finishing off at home with a run of 10 shows at the new Wembley Stadium in Sept 09? Any takers??
  6. INHO, TSRST is "inferior" to ALS! Just a subjective viewpoint I guess.
  7. Is it more difficult and harder to remember than say Dazed & Confused then?
  8. Why was the epic ALS missing from the set list? IMO this track is up there with Kashmir as their most accomplished piece of work. It would have been a great addition to the set in place of inferior tracks like Misty Mountain Hop, TSRTS and Ramble On. Is it just too demanding technically for Jimmy to play now? This is unlikely as he seemed to perform brilliantly on the night. Maybe the track is like the band - "sleeping now to rise again"?
  9. ISIS


    Just seen the RP interview. Very interesting, especially his suggestion that for them to do it again it would have to be "magic" as it was in the early days, and he wouldn't want to tour like The Stones etc. This got me thinking, RP seems to be very keen on acknowleging LZ's blues roots especially at the O2 concert and on the TV interview. What about the band recording a "pure blues" or "roots" album, this would be fresh and I'm sure would appeal to all band members. It could also be great to play on the road and would fit in perfectly will their other material. Any comments?
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